MozCampEU2012/AMOEditor Meetup

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Name: Andrew Williamson

Area of Contribution (Team Name): Addons and Marketplace

Paid or Non-paid Staff: Paid Staff

How are you currently involved with (or in) the community?: I review Add-on submissions on and communicate daily with the other Mozillians who also review Add-ons.

Location of Work (where do you reside?): Sheffield, UK

How you would like to participate in MozCamp: I'm planning an informal meetup with the Mozillians who are also Editors on AMO. This will be on Friday before the start of the MozCamp schedule - we'll arrange the logistics of it separately.

(I'm also proposing a session about App Reviews on Marketplace and will assist with a fellow team member's session if it is accepted also)

How your presence would help further the MozCamp goals ( Add-ons are an essential part of Firefox on the Desktop plus a way to grow market share on Mobile, and our editor community are an essential part of the review process on AMO. Engaging with them when we have the chance to meet them face to face is an opportunity that will further our goal to grow Mozilla.

Goals in Attending MozCamp: Meet and engage with AMO Editors Spread visibility of the procedures and processes of Marketplace Gain a more rounded picture of the developments on Firefox OS.