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Google Map with MozCamp locations

The map at shows the locations of the airports, hotel, main venue and some other places of interest for MozCamp attendees.

MozCamp Sponsorship Policy

For more information on the MozCamp sponsorship policy and attendance requirements, please see here

Traveling to Poland

Lufthansa Strike

The MozCamp Planning team is following the Lufthansa strike closely and has already reached out to those impacted.

'Paid Staff' We have reached out to Egencia to identify and contact those of you who will be affected by this strike. Egencia agents will work with you to find alternate flight options.

Egencia will be contacting travelers affected by phone. *Please log in to your Egencia account and verify that your contact phone number is up-to-date. (Traveler Profile->Contact Information)* You can also contact an Egencia agent by calling +1 (866) 397-2677.

The Lufthansa strikes are affecting thousands of travelers, and I'd ask that you please remain patient as we work through the solutions.

Canceled Flights:

Volunteers Impacted

Only ~14 volunteers travel will be impacted by this strike. Our German-based travel agency is working directly with these individuals to insure that they reach Warsaw in-time for MozCamp.

If you are concerned that your travel may be affected, please contact for more information.

News on the strike:

August 30th:

1. Lufthansa Cabin Crew to Strike in Frankfurt Friday ABC News

2. UPDATE 5-Lufthansa cabin crew to strike from Friday in Frankfurt Reuters

August 31st:

1. Lufthansa strike over, but more planned Wall Street Journal

September 2nd:

1. Lufthansa Attendants to Resume Strike Tuesday, Union Says Business Week

September 3rd:

1. Lufthansa Cabin Crew to Strike on Tuesday Airwise

September 4th:

1. Lufthansa Crews To Strike In Frankfurt, Berlin Airwise

Note that the Lufthansa Cabin Crew Union "UFO" has told that they will announce new strikes at least six hours before striking again. So strikes may be called at short notice.

2. Cabin Crew Strike on Friday Nationwide

Entry Fee

There are no fees associated with entering or leaving the territory of Poland

Passport/VISA Requirements

More info here.

Arriving in Warsaw


Flights will arrive either to Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport (WAW) or Warsaw-Modlin Airport (WMI).

Interactive guide to Chopin Airport found here

  • Wolff staff will be at the Chopin Airport to greet you outside of baggage claim (they will be wearing bright red Mozilla shirts) if you are arriving between 8am-8pm on Thursday, September 6th and 7am-11pm on Friday, September 7th. If you do not see them outside of baggage claim, please find them at the Information Desk*

Unsure which airport you're landing at? If you're flying WizzAir or Ryanair, it's Warsaw-Modlin. For all other airlines (LOT, Lufthansa, Air France-KLM, Alitalia, British Airways, Aeroflot etc.) it's Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport.

Directions to the Warsaw Marriott

From Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport

From the Frederic Chopin Airport to the hotel

BY BUS: Take bus no. 175 or N32 (if arriving late at night) from the Lotnisko Chopina stop.

Please leave the bus at the stop 'Dw (Dworzec) Centralny'. From the stop 'Dw Centralny' you have to walk around 2 minutes to the Marriott Hotel.

Get a ZTM ticket for the bus from ZTM's ticket office in the arrival hall or from a ZTM ticket vending machine. There should be one inside the bus (but it may require coins). The external ticket vending machines should accept notes and credit cards as well.

Approximate duration: 15 - 20 minutes, but heavy road traffic may increase this time significantly.


September 6-7th, at the Frederic Chopin Airport, Wolff will be distributing tram passes that will be good for the duration of the weekend and work on either SKM trains (validate on your own at the train) and in the KM trains (validated by conductor). Wolff will be present at the airport for the majority of the day on Thursday and 7am-11pm on Friday

There is a railway station at the lowest level of Chopin Airport. The airport train station is called "Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina", from which two companies operate Warsaw-bound services.

Since the airport is a railway terminus, no matter which train you'll board, it will take you to one of the stations in the center of Warsaw.

Trains from the railway station stop either at the city's main railway station, the Warsaw Central Station ("Warszawa Centralna" [var-sha-vah tzen-tral-nah], most Koleje Mazowieckie trains with green & yellow livery) or at the Warsaw City Center Station ("Warszawa Śródmieście" [var-sha-vah shrood-mesh-tcheh], all SKM Warszawa trains with red-yellow-white livery; some KM trains as well).

Both Central and City Center stations are located near the Marriot hotel, but Warsaw Central is a bit closer, so if possible, it's better to get on a Central-bound KM train.

You can check train timetables at (this site is available in Polish, English, German and Russian). Regional trains operated by Koleje Mazowieckie are marked "KM", municipal trains operated by SKM Warszawa are marked "SKW".

For the regional KM trains, you need to have a KM ticket. If you don't have a KM ticket while boarding a KM train, you must board the first car and ask the conductor to sell you a ticket immediately.

Get a ZTM ticket for the train at ZTM's ticket office in the arrival hall or from a ZTM ticket vending machine. There should be one inside the train (but it may require coins). The external ticket vending machines should accept notes and credit cards as well.

Approximate duration: 20 minutes


  • For taxis, use only the licensed taxis. If you do want to use a minicab, use only the ones listed in the "Złap Taxi" app.
  • ignore people soliciting "taxi" services near or in the arrival hall, these are mostly scammers trying to give you a ride for an exorbitant price
  • if unsure whether the taxi is a licensed one, always ask how much it would more-less cost you before boarding. If the price they're offering is more than 60 PLN, it is definitely a scam - don't board a car like this.

Approximate duration: 30 minutes

From Warsaw-Modlin Airport

BY AN EXPRESS BUS: The easiest way to get from WMI to the Marriot hotel is using the Modlin Airport Express Bus, which costs 33 PLN (ca. $10).

Get off at Dworzec Centralny (Central Station), take a look around, one of the big skyscrapers would be Marriot.

This is the suggested option, as it is the only direct connection.

BY BUS+TRAIN A Koleje Mazowieckie bus will take you to Modlin railway station from the airport. From Modlin station you can board a south-bound Koleje Mazowieckie train. Get off at Warszawa Centralna (Warsaw Central Station). This would be cheaper than the Modlin Express bus, but requires you to switch between the bus and the train.

Check the timetable at

BY REGIONAL BUS Regional buses operated by Translud are the cheapest option. There is no direct regional bus from WMI to the Warsaw city center, so you need to take a bus from the airport towards Modlin Twierdza Pętla and from there a Warsaw-bound bus.

From Central Station

From the central station to the hotel
Get directions here

September 6-7th, Select Wolff staff will also be present at the Central station in order to guide you to the hotel.

Warsaw Marriott


The Warsaw Marriott is located at:

Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79 00-697 Warszawa Poland

For more information about the MozCamp hotel, please see here


Check-in: 4pm

Check-out: Noon

Hotel Wifi

Network: swisscom

Password: Your last name and hotel room number

Marriott Conference Space

For a map of the Marriott conference space, please see here

Clubs and restaurants near the hotel

Café Kulturalna
Plac Defilad 1, Warsaw
+48(0)22 - 6566281
Directions to get there

Club Mirage
Pałac Kultury i Nauki, Plac Defilad 1, 00-901 Warsaw
+48(0)22 - 6201454
Directions to get there

Klub 55
ul. Żurawia 32/34, 00-515 Warsaw
+48(0)516 025 131
Directions to get there

Pańska 61, Warsaw
Directions to get there

Lemon Club & Café
ul. Henryka Sienkiewicza 600-013, Warsaw
+48(0)22 - 8295544
Directions to get there

Trattoria Casa Mia
pon.-sob 12-22, niedziela 12-20, Warsaw
+48(0) - 501691023
Directions to get there

ul.Marszałkowska 28, Warsaw
+48(0)22 - 6256877
Directions to get there

ul. Nowogrodzka 84/86 02-018, Warsaw
+48(0)22 - 6225955
Directions to get there

Rambam - Kosher Cafe and Restaurant
Grzybowska 4, Warsaw
+48(0)22 - 2432693
Directions to get there

Conference Venue

MozCamp Europe will be hosted at:

‪Otwocka 14‬‬‬‬‬‬,
Warsaw, Poland
Tel: +48 22 - 619 05 13‬

A layout of the conference venue can be seen here

Travel between locations

Marriott Hotel to Fabryka Trzciny

From the stop 'DW.CENTRALNY' you take Tram 7 from 'Centrum' towards KAWĘCZYŃSKA-BAZYLIKA. Leave the tram at the stop KAWĘCZYŃSKA-BAZYLIKA. Until here, the duration is about 31 minutes.
From the tram station KAWĘCZYŃSKA-BAZYLIKA, head southwest on Kawęczyńska toward Otwocka. Turn right onto Otwocka. Fabryka Trzciny will be on the right. It takes around 4 minutes walk.

Fabryka Trzciny to Marriott Hotel

Walk to KAWĘCZYŃSKA - BAZYLIKA 01 stop (4 minutes walk), take tram 7 direction P+R AL.KRAKOWSKA, and leave at the stop DW.CENTRALNY 08. The hotel should be at a walking distance (5 min).
Approximate duration: 36 minutes.

For the tram schedule to/from the venue, please see here

Marriott Hotel to the Old Town

To the old town you take a tram, lines 8, 9, 22, 24. Starting stop is 'Centrum' end stop is 'Muzeum Narodowe'.
The journey will take 10-15 minutes.

Old Town to Marriott Hotel

From Old Town (Stare Miasto), go to PL.ZAMKOWY 01 stop, take bus 175 direction TERMINAL AUTOBUSOWY, and leave at the stop DW.CENTRALNY 02. The hotel should be at a 5 minutes walking distance.
Approximative duration: 20 minutes. If you wanted to return by tram, you would go to the Muzeum Narodowe stop and go to direction P+R Al. Krakowska. Every tram from this stop goes to DW Centralny.

Fabryka to Old Town

Take a walk to WOŁOMIŃSKA 01 stop (9 minutes walk), take bus 338 direction DW.WSCHODNI (KIJOWSKA) 08, and leave at the stop ZĄBKOWSKA 01.
Walk to ZĄBKOWSKA 02 stop and hop on bus 226 direction METRO RATUSZ ARSENAŁ 06, leave at the stop STARE MIASTO 02. You are there.
Approximate duration: 27 minutes.

Old Town to Fabryka Trzciny

Go to bus stop STARE MIASTO 01, take bus Z12 direction DW.WILEŃSKI 53, and leave at the stop DW.WILEŃSKI 53.
Walk to DW.WILEŃSKI 51 stop and take bus 170 direction ELSNERÓW 01, and leave at WOŁOMIŃSKA 02. You are now from a walking distance (7 minutes) from Fabryka.
Approximative duration: 24 minutes.

Conference Venue Wifi

Public Transportation

In Warsaw, public transport consists of:

Underground, tramways, buses and SKM municipal trains accept the same Municipal Transport Authority (Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego, ZTM) tickets.

Regional trains are operated by Koleje Mazowieckie. International and inter-regional trains are operated by PKP Intercity and Przewozy Regionalne. Regional, inter-regional and international trains DO NOT accept single-fare ZTM tickets. is a site and phone app that will find you the shortest or fastest connection with all public transportation.

At major transfer points (underground stations, municipal railway stations, many bus/tram stops) you can find ticket vending machines.

ZTM tickets can also be bought in news agent stores. The Transport Authority lists ticket prices here, the single-ride ticket costs 3.60 zł.

You may want to download app for Android or iPhone to get directions and timetables on your mobile.

Taxi Service

There are official taxis in Warsaw, as well as "minicabs" (Polish: przewóz osób).

Minicabs are usually much cheaper than official taxis, but as their prices are unregulated, some may in fact be overly expensive. Check the fare before boarding a minicab.

A registered taxi will have a "TAXI" sign on the roof, a license number and a sticker with fare information. NOTE: some of the overly expensive minicab companies may trick you using sings like "TAKI" or "TAX1".

Złap Taxi is an iPhone / Android / Bada app that lists cheap taxi and minicab companies with current fare information.

Phn:0048 22 9644: Warsaw Taxi service (Wawa Taxi)

Power Outlets

Electrical voltage is the same in all European countries (230 Volt/50 Hz) and the electrical outlets are of type C and E, like in most continental European countries.

Guests coming from the UK will need an adapter as the plug is different in Poland than in the UK. You can find this in any shop selling electrical goods.

If travelling from non-European countries, please take into account possible differences in voltage and outlet shapes.

Mobile Phones

Both Orange and T-Mobile have their local cellular networks in Poland. Other big networks are Plus and Play.

Many news agent stores ("kiosk" in Polish) sell pre-paid starters of some or all the major networks for a few złoty.

Money and Tipping

Local currency is Polish Złoty (zł, PLN). It's divided into 100 groszy (singular: grosz).

1 zł = 100 gr

The plural form is "złote" or "złotych" depending on the actual number.

  • 1 złoty
  • 2 / 3 / 4 złote
  • 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100 / 200 złotych

1 EUR is equal to 4.30-4.60 zł. The actual exchange rate varies - check National Bank of Poland website for the current one.

Dollar conversion rate: 1 Polish zloty = 0.300698 U.S. dollars

In Poland, as opposed to the U.S., prices displayed include all the taxes, so if something has the price of "7,99 zł", that's the actual amount you will pay at the counter.

Tipping - you don't have to tip anyone, but usually the tip should be around 10% of the final bill. (Some higher-profile restaurant will include a "service" on the bill, which is an obligatory tip). Tipping with grosze only would be seen as rude. If the service was way better than standard, you can tip with more than 10%.

Note that many restaurants and clubs don't allow tips to be paid with a credit card, so be prepared to have a few złoty in cash for tips.

Information about Warsaw and Poland

Poland (Rzeczpospolita Polska - the Republic of Poland) is a country in Central Europe. The official history of Poland begins in the year 966, when its pagan ruler Mieszko I and inhabitants converted to Christianity. Between the late middle ages and the 17th century the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania ("Rzeczpospolita") was a major power in Europe, an elective monarchy and a multi-ethnic state. The 18th century saw the fall of Poland-Lithuania, which was partitioned in three stages (1772, 1793 and 1795) by Russia, Prussia-Germany and Austria. It did not exist for the next 123 years. Poles fought against the occupying powers in several uprisings in the 19th century.

Poland regained independence in 1918, to fell victim to Nazi and Soviet occupation during World War II. The majority of the Jewish population was killed during the war in Nazi German concentration camps. After the war, the People's Republic of Poland was a nominally independent "socialist country", de facto a Soviet satellite state, administered by the Polish United Workers' Party. Due to border shifts, Nazi crimes, expulsion of Germans, Ukrainians and the remnants of the Jewish population by the communists, the post-war Poland was the first Polish state to be almost exclusively single-ethnic.

In 1980 the free trade union Solidarity was established, which was the only legal opposition force in the Soviet bloc. It was banned in 1981 when the two-year long martial law was declared by the communist party chief gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski. In 1989 the communists allowed partially free democratic elections, in which they were overwhelmingly defeated by the independent candidates from the Solidarity movement. After the 1989 elections, the first non-communist prime minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki and the first democratically elected president Lech Wałęsa started the transformation of Poland into a modern liberal democracy. Now, with a population of 38 million, a thriving market economy and democratic freedoms guaranteed by its constitution, Poland is a member of the European Union and NATO.

See more at Wikipedia.

Warsaw has been the capital of Poland since the late 16th century. Established in the early 14th century, more than 80% of the city was burned to the ground by the German Army at the end of World War II. It was rebuilt over the post-war years. Nowadays, with a population of 1.7 million, it's the nation's political, economic and cultural center.

See more at Wikitravel.


Warsaw’s climate is humid continental with relatively cold winters and mild summers. The average temperature is −5 °C (27 °F) in February and 18 °C (66.7 °F) in June. Temperatures may often reach 30 °C (86 °F) in the summer and – 20 in winter. As you can see the temperature in Warsaw can be very cold. So please do not forget to put some pullovers and socks in your suitcase.

MozCamp Weather Forecast:

Friday: 64 F (high), 49 F (low)

Saturday: 63 F (high), 47 F (low)

Sunday: 67 F (high), 47 F (low)

Places of interest

  • Palace of Culture and Science (Pałac Kultury i Nauki) - the highest skyscraper in Poland, built by the Soviet architect Lev Rudnev. Take the elevator to the highest floor for a magnificent look at the city. The palace also hosts many museums, theatres and universities.
  • Warsaw Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, originally built between the 13th and 16th century, completely destroyed during WW2, rebuilt in the 1950s-1960s,



Safety Guidelines

In an Emergency

  • Ambulance: 999
  • Fire Brigade: 998
  • Police: 997
  • Road Assistance: 981
  • Municipal Police: 986
  • Warsaw public transportation information: 9484
  • International flight departure information: 650 39 43
  • International flight arrival information: 650 42 20
  • Warsaw Taxi service (Wawa Taxi): 9644

Note: the "112" number is what usually works from mobile phones; the 99x numbers work from land line / phone booths.


In Poland, Polish is spoken by the whole population.

In major cities like Warsaw people younger than 40 should also be able to communicate in English. Older generations should be able to speak some basic Russian. German is also a popular foreign language.

Speakers of related Slavic languages (in particular: the West Slavic ones) can be understood by Polish speakers to a certain degree if they speak slowly.

See Wikipedia: Polish language for more information.

Weather Forecast

During September 7th-9th, the weather forecast that we will be experiencing highs of 67 F and lows of 49 F

Common Polish Phrases

  • I don't speak Polish - Nie mówię po polsku [nyeh moov-ye poh pohls-koo]
  • Hi / Hello - Cześć [tsheshtch]
  • Good morning/afternoon! - Dzień dobry! [tchen-dob-ree]
  • Good bye - Do widzenia [doh-vee-dzen-ya]
  • Good night - Dobranoc [dohb-rah-notz]
  • See you - Do zobaczenia [doh-zoh-ba-tchen-ya]
  • Thank you - Dziękuję [tchen-koo-yeh]
  • Excuse me / I am sorry - Przepraszam [pshe-pra-sham]
  • How are you? - Jak się masz? [yak sheh mash]
  • Fine, thanks - W porządku, dzięki [fpo-zhond-koo, tchen-kee]
  • Yes - Tak [tak]
  • No - Nie [nyeh]
  • I don't know - Nie wiem [nyeh vyem]
  • I don't understand - Nie rozumiem [nyeh roh-zoo-myem]
  • I need help - Potrzebuję pomocy [pot-sheh-boo-yeh poh-mo-tzee]
  • My name is ... - Nazywam się ... [na-zee-vam sheh ...]
  • What's your name? - Jak się nazywasz? [yak sheh na-zee-vash] (informal)
  • What is your name, Sir/Madam? - Jak się Pan/Pani nazywa? [yak sheh pahn/pah-nee na-zee-va] (formal)
  • taxi - taxi
  • bus - autobus [aw-toh-boos]
  • tram - tramwaj [tram-vay]
  • train - pociąg [poh-tchong]
  • subway/underground - metro [met-roh]
  • car (automobile) - samochód [sah-moh-hood]
  • Where's the nearest underground/railway station? - Gdzie jest najbliższa stacja metra/kolejowa? [je yest nay-bleezh-shah statz-yah met-rah/koh-leh-yo-vah?]
  • Where's the nearest tram/bus stop? - Gdzie jest najbliższy przystanek tramwajowy/autobusowy? [je yest nay-bleezh-shee pshys-tah-nek tram-vay-oh-vee/awt-oh-boo-so-vee]
  • One single-fare ticket, please - Poproszę bilet na jeden przejazd [pop-roh-sheh bee-let nah yeh-den pshe-yazd]
  • I'm looking for this address - Szukam tego adresu [shoo-kahm te-goh ad-re-soo]
  • Can you call me a taxi? - Czy mógłby Pan/mogłaby Pani wezwać mi taksówkę? [tchee moog-bee pahn|mog-wa-bee pah-nee vez-vatch mee tak-soov-keh] (mógłby Pan - if talking to a man, mogłaby Pani - to a woman)
  • Please take me to this address - Proszę mnie zawieźć pod ten adres [proh-sheh mnyeh zah-vyeshtch pohd tehn ad-ress]
  • Please take me to Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) - Proszę mnie zawieźć na lotnisko Chopina [proh-sheh mnyeh zah-vyeshtch nah lot-nees-koh sho-peh-nah] (the airport for standard airlines like LOT, Lufthansa, Air France etc.)
  • Please take me to Warsaw-Mazovia Modlin Airport (WMI) - Proszę mnie zawieźć na lotnisko w Modlinie [proh-sheh mnyeh zah-vyeshtch nah lot-nees-koh vmod-lee-nyeh] (the airport for low-cost airlines, like Ryanair and Wizzair)
  • Please take me to the Central/East/West Railway Station - Proszę mnie zawieźć na Dworzec Centralny/Wschodni/Zachodni [proh-sheh mnyeh zah-vyeshtch nah dvo-zhetz tzen-tral-nee/fs-hod-nee/zah-hod-nee]
  • Please take me to the ... Hotel - Proszę mnie zawieźć do hotelu ... [proh-sheh mnyeh zah-vyeshtch doh ho-teh-loo ...]
  • Open - Otwarte [oht-far-teh] or Czynne [tcheen-neh]
  • Closed - Zamknięte [zamk-nyen-teh] or Nieczynne [nye-tcheen-neh]
  • How much does this cost? - Ile to kosztuje? [ee-leh toh kosh-too-yeh]
  • Do you accept credit cards? - Czy akceptujecie karty kredytowe? [tchee ak-tzep-too-yeh-tcheh kar-tee kreh-dee-to-veh]
  • Cash only - Tylko gotówką [teel-koh goh-toov-kom]
  • Cheers! - Na zdrowie! [nah-zdro-vyeh]
  • Beer - Piwo [pee-voh]
  • Wine - Wino [vee-noh]
  • Vodka - Wódka [vood-kah]
  • Shaken, not stirred - Wstrząśnięte, nie mieszane [fst-shon-shnen-teh, nyeh myeh-shah-neh]
  • One more, please - Proszę jeszcze jedno [proh-sheh yesh-tcheh yehd-no]
  • It's enough for me - Już mi wystarczy [yoozh mee vees-tahr-tchee]
  • A glass of beer for everyone - Po jednym kuflu piwa dla każdego - [poh yehd-neem koof-loo pee-vah dlah kazh-deh-goh]
  • Bon appetit! - Smacznego [smatch-neh-goh]
  • Police - Policja [poh-leetz-yah]
  • Ambulance - Karetka (pogotowia) [kah-ret-kah (poh-goh-tov-yah)] or Ambulans [am-boo-lans]
  • Fire department - Straż pożarna [strazh poh-zhar-nah]
  • I love Warsaw/Poland - Kocham Warszawę/Polskę - [ko-ham var-sha-veh/pohls-keh]
  • I am from Mozilla - Jestem z Mozilli - [yes-tehm zmoh-zeel-lee]

See also: BBC: Polish basics

Leaving Warsaw

Departing by Plane

2/ From the hotel to the Frederic Chopin Airport
From the stop 'Dw Centralny' take bus no. 175 to the Airport. Please leave the bus at the stop 'Lotnisko Chopina'.

Departing by Train

4/ From the hotel to the central station (Warszawa Centralna)
Take a walk, it will take 5 minutes.