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Name: Mark LaVine

Area of Contribution (Team Name): Communications

Paid or Non-paid Staff: Paid

How are you currently involved with (or in) the community?: I manage communications and PR for Firefox releases. Location of Work (where do you reside?): San Francisco, CA

How you would like to participate in MozCamp:

Manage the daily newsletter. My goal is to not only keep attendees informed of conference updates and schedule changes, but recap highlights from the previous day's sessions. The newsletter should be fun (photos!), informative (announcements!), and provide a record of key session takeaways. My experience on the Mozilla communications team will serve me well in managing daily communications at the event.

How your presence would help further the MozCamp goals (

The work that we will be doing at MozCamp is incredibly important to both attendees and those who can't make it in-person. It's important that information from each session is shared within MozCamp and outside, to the broader Mozilla Project. Managing the daily newsletter will help advance all of the MozCamp goals.

And wearing the Firefox suit - it's a essential part of the Firefox brand. It helps grow Mozilla by exciting the community.

Goals in Attending MozCamp: This would be my first MozCamp, and my first large community event. My goal is to see the excitement, the passion, the enthusiasm of the community first-hand. I want to gain a better understanding of the motivations of our community members, to feel the passion they have for the Project and to listen to the challenges they face. I'd like to build relationships with community members that will help me gain a better understanding of how to work with the community in a more effective way, particularly when it comes to communicating Firefox releases.