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Name: Michelle Marovich

Area of Contribution (Team Name): Mozilla Recruiting

Paid or Non-paid Staff: Paid

How are you currently involved with (or in) the community?: I recruit for Contributor Engagement.

Location of Work (where do you reside?): Mountain View, CA

How you would like to participate in MozCamp: Take part in 2 currently proposed sessions, lend a hand where needed.

How your presence would help further the MozCamp goals ( As a recruiter, we have little visibility into community here at Mozilla. This is a learning opportunity for me to better understand the organization that I serve. I'm also lending my skills and experience in identifying and assessing talent to our community building efforts.

Goals in Attending MozCamp: 1) Learn about and more fully understand community at Mozilla 2) Offer workshop in assessing and mentoring future volunteers 3) Participate and learn from community discussion around the Gap between Paid Staff and Mozilla Community.