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Name: Roland Tanglao

Area of Contribution (Team Name): Thunderbird Support Lead (moving to SUMO post November)

Paid or Non-paid Staff: Paid

How are you currently involved with (or in) the community?: co-lead Thunderbird Knowledge Base with community and Jen Zickerman, lead (with the community of course) Thunderbird Support Forum, Mozilla Steward

Location of Work (where do you reside?): Vancouver

How you would like to participate in MozCamp: Assist with the welcome event and edit the wiki (if Jen needs help - I have lots of experiences with wikis from my work with Drupal and with the Thunderbird KB and Jen and I work closely together on the KB with contributors); I will also support the SUMO team's MozCamp EU's efforts (Madalina Ana, Rosana Ardila and Michelle Luna on Firefox OS). Also, I will already be in Warsaw to attend the Thunderbird meeting prior to MozCampEU.

How your presence would help further the MozCamp goals ( My presence will help Grow Mozilla: Engage / encourage Thunderbird community (as well as Firefox) members into the larger Mozilla community. (Thunderbird is having a community meeting before MozCampEU, so many contributors will be in attendance.). Both my current work with Thunderbird and my future work with SUMO are in areas that rely on a strong community. Mozilla and I would benefit from me learning more about how to engage people in the community, and I think I also have some techniques and information that I could share. Finally as a steward, I feel I need to learn more community events and how other groups work.

Goals in Attending MozCamp: Meet European Thunderbird contributors and meet European Firefox, Firefox Mobile and Firefox Contributors who I'll be working with in the SUMO team and encourage wider participation.