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Overview of Session

Title of Session : Web Apps and Students : the magic formula!

Facilitator(s): Melek Jebnoun and Alexandre BM

Are you paid or volunteer staff?: volunteers

Area of Contribution (Team Name): B2G + Marketing

How are you currently involved with the community?: active volunteers in Mozilla Tunisia Community since 2010, Melek and Alexandre are reps and Melek is also a Mentor in the ReMo program.

Location of Work (where do you reside?): Tunisia

Talk Length (please choose between 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes): 90 minutes

This session is intended to leave at the end with a kind of "session model" that will be presented to the students about the project open web apps and B2G. With its rich experience from the Mozilla Tunisia tower that was a tour of universities in Tunisia with sessions around HTML5 and apps, Mozilla Tunisia community gained a rich experience and wishes through this session to interact with present to share its experience and create the session model.

The session will include a first presentation of the situation, how students react to the project, why the choice of students, the rest of the session will be devoted to the construction of the session and those starting from the slides to the application that will be created onsite and will become the application to be submitted during the project. We will aim also to write a tutorial for those who will do after the session is found there.

probably we will show how this application can work on B2G and do a live demo on a B2G phone.

How your session furthers the MozCamp Goals ( shared experience and collective construction of a session oriented to a sensitive but very aware area : students and universities!

Expected Outcome or Deliverable: a model session with slides and demo construction app

Desired Audience Type or Skill-set: simply some HTML5, CSS3 and JS knowledges :)

Equipment Needs (Video projector already included): 3 or 4 B2G phones (Mozilla Tunisia have already 2 B2G phones)


If you would like, submit a Question for the Speakers or indicate what information you hope to gain by attending this talk here:

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Place your name here if you would like to attend this talk:

  • Sofien chaabouni (chaasof)
  • Julia Buchner