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Name: Andrea Marchesini, Jan Varga, Mounir Lamouri

Area of Contribution (Team Name): WebAPI

Paid or Non-paid Staff: Paid

How are you currently involved with (or in) the community?: Members of MoCo WebAPI team, attempting to build WebAPI and B2G community

Location of Work (where do you reside?): Denmark, Slovakia, UK

How you would like to participate in MozCamp: Organize WebAPI European get together

How your presence would help further the MozCamp goals (

  • work with and strengthen Boot-to-Gecko community
  • learn more about needs of new Mozilla developers
  • align upcoming MoCo WebAPI goals with community goals

Goals in Attending MozCamp:

  • grow European (and non-European) WebAPI community
  • learn more about missing parts of web platform from web/non-web developers
  • engage with and meet rest of European Mozilla community


If you would like, submit a Question for the Speaker(s) or indicate what information you hope to gain by attending this talk here:

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Place your name here if you would like to attend this talk:

  • Tiberiu C. Turbureanu