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Meeting Details


  • Introductions
  • Brownbag on Monday, March 26 at 2 pacific on Air Mozilla: Bringing in volunteers to achieve your crazy and ambitious goals
  • Community building action plan update:
    • Plans started for Accessibility, Coding, Support, QA, Webdev, Marketing
    • If you'd like help getting a plan started for your team, David is happy to help
    • Possible confusion with Contribute Group term. Does it make sense to rename this general meeting? Proposed name: 'Grow Mozilla meeting' to fit with Grow Mozilla strategic goal
  • Dashboards discussion
    • Experimenting with conversion tracking on Get Involved dashboard
    • For example, % of people interested in contributing to Support who made a contribution (match support inquiry from the Get Involved form with SUMO forum activity)
    • Would it be helpful to know this information for your team?
    • What would a conversion look like for your team?
  • Governance threads
    • Are there any community building take-aways from recent governance discussions?
  • Recruiting volunteers at events (standing item)
    • MozCamp Latin America (April 20-22)
    • Proposed "Mozilla Day" recruitment day in Minneapolis (cf: @glind). Leave-behinds, schwag, other help and ideas welcome.

Other items if there's time

  • Michelle's experience with support inquiries from Get Involved page
  • Report back: Creating a contributor strategy for MozSpaces
  • Report back: Next steps for video footage from Summit
  • Report back: Town halls and giving contributors more of a voice
  • Report back: Casey on his experience contributing to webdev
  • Question: How do you help people who just want to be assigned a task?
  • Question: How can we help events be more effective at bringing in contributors?
  • Question: How do you balance doing something yourself vs. helping someone do something?
  • Question: How can we get contributors involved in our web projects?
  • Question: How do you not lose track of people just starting to get involved?
  • Question: How do people deal with negative feedback and stop energy?
  • Feel free to add more questions or other agenda items...

Action Items

  • All Stewards please fill out satisfaction survey
  • Contact David if you are interested in getting conversion tracking going for your functional area
  • Marcia to investigate creating a QA event section in QA community building plan that can be used as case study for other teams to use