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You can build a better Internet by getting involved with Mozilla. You don’t have to be a C++ guru (or even know what that means!) and you don’t need to spend lots of time. Take a look at the opportunities and feel free to ask if you have any questions.


Area of Interest

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User Support

Interested in helping others get the most out of using Firefox and other Mozilla projects? Our support process relies on enthusiastic contributors like you. Find our more about supporting Firefox, Thunderbird and other Mozilla projects.


Get involved with Mozilla by making Firefox, Thunderbird and other projects available in your language. Also help us tell the world about how Mozilla is building a better Internet by translating content on our web sites.

Testing and Quality Assurance

QA is one of the easiest ways to get started with Mozilla. Help us hunt down bugs in Firefox, Thunderbird and other projects or test Mozilla web sites to make sure we're providing the best possible experience for people online.

Marketing and Evangelism

Help us spread the word about how Firefox and other Mozilla projects are building a better Internet. There are opportunities to promote Mozilla to users, developers and students.


Firefox and other Mozilla-based applications have a powerful extension system that allow you to make small tweaks or make major additions to your programs. If you're new to this technology, learn how to build an add-on. For experienced developers, find out how to become an AMO editor.


Since the beginning of the Mozilla project the community has been set up around getting code into people's hands. Get prepared to start hacking by finding out about our code repositories, processes and tools. Our web sites are open for web ninjas to hack on too.

Visual Design

We believe in the power of well-made and widely distributed art, and want to make it possible for artists to cover the web and people with designs inspired by Mozilla. Take part in an upcoming Creative Collective challenge or add a t-shirt design to our Community Store.

Interface Design and Usability

Check out Test Pilot to try out the newest and coolest user-interface ideas, take part in an upcoming Design Challenge to inspire future design directions for Firefox, the Mozilla project, and the Web as a whole or come talk with us about usability issues.

Developer Documentation

The Mozilla Developer Center is the hub for information about Mozilla technologies. Help make our documentation better by writing new content, correcting existing material or translating content into new languages.

Time Available

A Few Minutes

Spend five minutes a day in the Firefox support forum picking a question you know the answer to and making that user's day.

Spread the word about Firefox, Thunderbird and Mozilla by adding a button to your blog, Facebook page or web site.

Help make our projects better by submitting a crash report if an application unexpectedly quits.

Make a donation to the Mozilla Foundation and help us build a better Internet.

A Few Hours

Read through our localization pages to find out how to start a new localization or join an existing team.

Perform an Internet Health Check for friends and families to make sure they enjoy a safe experience on the web.

Stop by an upcoming test day to find, reproduce and resolve bugs.

Pick a topic from the documentation wishlist and make the Mozilla Developer Center even better.

A Few Weeks Or More

Spend a semester learning about open source collaboration and contributing to the community as part of Mozilla Education.

Create an add-on to add a cool new feature to Firefox, Thunderbird or other Mozilla application.

Take part in a Mozilla Labs Design Challenge and inspire future directions for Firefox, the Mozilla project and the Web as a whole.

Get access to our code repositories by contributing patches and becoming familiar with our review process.

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Help Wanted

A feed of bugs marked as helpwanted (or a subset of the list since there are thousands of them).

Volunteer Board

A list of opportunities arranged as job descriptions.

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  • Donate to Mozilla
  • Open Slot
  • Open Slot

Get In Touch

Want to lend a hand? Send us a note and we can put you in touch with some people who can get you started right away. Let us know a bit about yourself and the types of things you would like to help out with!

Area of interest drop down items:

  • Testing
  • Marketing
  • Helping other users
  • Localization
  • Community
  • Development
  • Design