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If you have any feedback, suggestions or ideas, feel free to add them here:

  • Design should have a standard way to indicate when a page has various translations available (such as the Mozilla Manifesto pages) and how to navigate through them.
  • Design should be reusable for other tools such as Drupal, Mediawiki, or Wordpress without major modification.
  • Design should be usable on mobile devices
  • The design of the site should not forget the moderately technical audience: those who follow development, submit bug reports, know their hardware and OS specs, etc. but who are unlikely to submit patches.
  • The out-of-date material needs to be reorganized or deleted. There's so much of it that it prevents users from finding stuff using Google searches. Organization of content should be highest priority. Don't keep 10 different old roadmaps spread over 10 different places. They should be in one spot. All releases notes for every version of Firefox should accessible from a single page too and so on. In other words, allow the material and content to dictate the design of the site.
  • "Do you like fixed width or liquid layouts? Why? What resolution do you want to support (if fixed)?" Liquid, liquid, liquid. We can take advantage of media queries to optimize for wider widths, but the base layout should work in narrow windows.