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Mozillians need to organize around teams and access special content. This milestone enable Groups for self-organization, an API for use with apps, and features around location and timezones to make it easier to connect with each other. A design overhaul and search improvements help improve the user experience as well.

Build tools to help retention and build involvement of our current contributors

P1: Phonebook

Priority Item Status Time Frame
P1 Land "Groups" [DONE] Q4 2011
P1 Login with Browserid [DONE] Q4 2011
P1 Design Overhaul [DONE] Q1 2012
P1 Location & Timezones in Profiles [DONE] Q2 2012
P1 Simpler Registration Flow [DONE] Q3 2012
P1 Phonebook API (and primary integration touch points) [DONE] Q4 2012
P1 Search Results Improvements [ON TRACK] Q1 2013

Community Data and Visualization

A public dashboard, updated daily, will need to be created that offers the following metrics for releases within this phase and previous phases.

Goal Metrics Sources Status
Determine the number of contributors in our community
  • Mozillians' accounts
  • [DONE]
Determine contributor characteristics per community
  • volume of contributors across groups
  • percentage of contributors across group tags against aggregate
  • volume of contributors per geographic location
  • percentages of contributors per geographic location against aggregate
  • [DONE]