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Mozillians are scattered all over the world. Whether they're internal or external, we see many Mozillians looking to find and/or connect to other Mozillians in their geographic area (or possible destination to). Unfortunately, it's virtually impossible to find anyone in the community over a specified geographic region whether it's country, state, city, zipcode or home address. There is a tremendous opportunity for community organization, involvement and growth when already-known contributors are already to at least know they are in the same area and can help spurn one.


Location in Profile

Phonebook vouched users should be able to view geographical information optionally added by users (vouched and non-vouched). The output should display in the form of "City, State, Country" underneath the name of the user in an easily identifiable style. An added bonus would be the timezone allocated to that location next to the line.

Editing Location

Phonebook users should be able to type in their City, State, or Country and be offered autocompleted suggestions while they type the requisite information into the Location input field. There are many solutions for getting this information, but GeoNames database of world cities is a good start.

If a user types in a city, state or country that is unknown in our database, they should be able to manually add it in their field. The newly stored city information can be found in autocomplete suggestions in the future.

Location Search

The addition of location should be expand into the search functionality of the site to allow users to find users within a specific geographic location known in our database of cities, states and countries.

During search...

  • While typing in text into the search field, any known locations, which match the typed in query, will pop-down as an autocomplete list below the field. If no autocomplete results are available, then the autocomplete will disappear. A user should still be able to search.

After search...

  • Search results should populate only after a user has added content to the search field and pressed the "Search" button. Results should only include people results centered around locations that match the exact phrase/term queried. The layout of the results should expand on current profile information should with the locations associated to each user's profile.

Bugs and Implementation

  • bug 657071 - Add location onto profiles and search
  • bug 692846 - Add timezone support next to the location of a Mozillian