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The aim of this milestone is to deliver a set of solutions to improve the user experience on our key pages, provide new information and achievements (badges) for Mozillians and generally make the Phonebook more engaging.

Improve the user experience and make the Phonebook more engaging

P1: Phonebook

Priority Item Status Time Frame
P1 Privacy Controls [DONE] Q1 2013
P1 New profile fields [ON TRACK] Q2 2013
P1 Display badges on profiles [ON TRACK] Q2 2013
P1 Allow restricted group membership [ON TRACK] Q2 2013
P2 Improve Profile editing UX [ON TRACK] Q2 2013
P2 Improve Profiles UX [ON TRACK] Q2 2013
P3 Announcements [ON TRACK] Q2 2013
P3 Improve Groups UX [ON TRACK] Q3 2013