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Vouched users should be able to view the profiles of Mozilla community members.

If a Guest or Pending user requests another users profile, they should be shown a 404. Only vouched users can view phonebook data.

Pending users may view and edit their own profile, of course.


Profile Layout

  1. Pending Layout - Personal view when the user is waiting to be vouched.
  2. Vouched Layout - Personal view when the user has been vouched.

Data Fields

Only logged-in and vouched users may view profile information from other users. Non-registered and registered/pending users can NOT view any other user's profile information.

Field Default Privacy Description LDAP Attribute
Given Name Mozillians given name givenName
Family Name Mozillians family name sn (also cn and displayName, containing both)
IRC Nick Mozillians [account objectClass]
Bio Mozillians limited to 1024 chars or so description
Photo Mozillians strongly encouraged, but not required jpegPhoto
Email Address Mozillians By default, this should be hidden in profile fields and not used except for authentication. mail
Verified Mozillians Boolean (True or False) record of someone being vouched. This is non-visual. vouched

Field Description MySQL DB
Voucher An pair of LDAP references (DN) which describe a vouchee and a voucher. Further LDAP calls can get the display name of the voucher. TBD (vouchee_voucher)



  • Display an activity stream
  • Advanced data privacy
  • Display community member information to non-vouched community members

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