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Users will need to add/update/remove parts or all of their profile in the phonebook.



Edit View

A user will be able to edit their profile information by selecting/clicking on the "Edit" button located at the top navigation bar. All data fields will be editable on the subsequent page and saved after the "Save Changes" button is clicked.

Saving Changes

To save changes to any edits made, a user will need to click on the "save changes" button. When doing so, the profile will be cached and take an appropriate amount of machine time to display publicly. The preferred time is instantly, but the largest acceptable delay is 30 seconds. A "thank you" snipppet should pop-up on top of the edit page with a "view profile" hyperlink.

Delete Profile

A "delete profile" button should be available to users (and vouched users) within the edit profile page. On selection/click, it will first ask for confirmation and then, if yes, delete the account and all other information related to that entry.


  • Users can select different privacy access levels

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