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Tuesday Dec 6th 10:30am PDT.

  • Vidyo: 370


  • Code Freeze-ing Update (tofumatt)
    • BrowserID
    • Location
  • QA Update (mbrandt)
  • L10n Update (Milos)


Code Freeze-ing update (tofumatt)

  • Met with ozten for BID review; need to fix a few nits and we're good to land
    • Jabba has to deploy code onto staging on the client side
  • IT issues are killing Jabba's time
  • Likely to see issues for BID
  • Looking to put BID in with the location work as well
  • Location can be punted if BID is not working from 1.2

QA Update (mbrandt)

  • Will need automated testing for the new BID and location work
  • Worrisome to land all of this work in one release

L10n status (Milos)

  • Waiting for 3 locales: portuguses, hungarian and ______
  • Update can be found at Verbatim project page
  • We should have 16 locales for the release if everything goes well