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  • Add location information into profiles
  • Add a website field into profiles
  • Use BrowserId for login and registration

Designs and Requirements

'Useful Bug Queries


Status Step Owner ETA Actual
[DONE] Define Designs & Requirements aakashd 11/4 11/4
[DONE] Confirm Scheduling and Dev Time aakashd/tofumatt 11/8 11/15
[DONE] String Freeze tofumatt 11/30 11/30
[DONE] Code Freeze tofumatt 12/2 12/23
[DONE] Infrasec review complete rforbes/mgoodwin -- --
[DONE] QA complete mbrandt/stephend 12/5 12/27
[DONE] Go Live tofumatt/Jason 12/8 12/28


Notes for release

Make sure IT runs SQL patch to "fake out" already run South migrations -- tofumatt