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Tuesday Nov 22 10:30am PDT. Vidyo: Room 370


  • Vouching Issues on prod update (tofumatt, mbrandt)
  • BrowserID integration status (ozten)
  • Invitation proposal (aakashd)
  • 1.2 Update (all)


Vouching Issues on prod update (tofumatt, mbrandt)

  • Fixed in bug ______ and its in the testsuite to check for regressions
  • Vouched accounts were showing up as non-vouched accounts
  • Should go up in a follow-up 1.1 release; need to talk to Jason

BrowserID integration status (ozten)

  • tofumatt and davedash is doing a code review since Friday
  • Security has a guide for max session length to be 6 hours
  • BrowserID pull request:
  • UX review complete, code complete
  • sasl-browserid being staged bug 702427
    • jabba making good progress, EOD today or tomorrow for -dev.
  • Security review for webcode today with rforbes
    • Requires 3 days of review once staged

Invitation proposal (aakashd)

  • Need to look into auto-vouch for existing contributors and send an addition to the proposal to finalize it for greater

1.2 Update (all)

  • Groups issues are getting fixed, but haven't landed so much
  • Location is early on; might hook onto OpenStreet Map API or some other API's
  • Code review is taking up a bit too much time and some 1.2 CSS bugs won't come in
  • String freeze on 11/25, code freeze on 11/30

QA work

  • Alan has been lost to AMO