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Tuesday Nov 29 10:30am PDT. Vidyo: Room 370


  • BrowserID integration status (ozten)
  • Metrics Dashboard (aakashd)
  • L10n freeze status (tofumatt/ednapiranha)
  • Website Field (tofumatt/aakashd)


BrowserID integration status (ozten)

  • close to staging; sasl plugin is up on dev/staging
  • code review is 2 cycles in and tofumatt is middle of the 3rd
  • will look at it today

Metrics Dashboard (aakashd)

L10n freeze status (tofumatt/ednapiranha)

  • looking to freeze tomorrow, 11/30
  • all bugs are assigned or fixed

Website Field (tofumatt/aakashd)

  • Single text field