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Tuesday Nov 8 2-2:30pm PDT. Dial in info: +1 800 707 2533, password 369, conference# 445


  • Takeaways, review of 1.1 release
  • Follow-up on 1.1.2 release
  • BrowserID integration status
  • UX issues and bugs (tofumatt)
  • Location features and others for 1.2
  • LDAP phase 3 status
  • Bugs


Piece Person Description
Dev tofumatt, ednapiranha
QA retornam
L10n stas/milos
Security Rforbes/mgoodwin
Product aakashd


1.1 retro

  • added groups
  • user testing showed person taking 12 minutes and found bug
  • group searching not intuitive
  • kind of slow, can fix
  • should be able to join from groups page
  • make them more useful and easier to use

UX issues

  • flow problems in general
  • Should think more about this than new features
  • rethink some of the flows
  • Remove vouching and go invite only?
    • un-vouched users screw up the flow
  • wireframes and flow and visual design are independent of each other
    • nothing preventing us from improving the flows without affecting design
  • signup is complicated. browserID would not alleviate this
  • right now the app is for core contributors who know how to access it
  • Set up separate meeting to discuss vouching and signup. (aakash?)


  • Location feature should be easy

Scope and schedule?

  • BrowserID flow shouldn’t drastically change with changes in signup and general flow.


  • user registration.
  • weird bugs in production.
  • instances of users not having django accounts when they have ldap accounts
  • tofumatt debugging
    • lots of errors
  • tofumatt will ping ozten when he starts hacking on it
  • schedule: targeting to ship on Friday, test on Thursday.

BrowserID integration status

  • sasl browsrerID plugin
    • platform security team is reviewing it should wrap up Monday
  • security bug filed for 1.2 browserid
  • would be good to file a bug for any outstandings thing found in mailing list


  • location and mulitple emails
  • Andrew said it’s done. We're good with LDAP for Q4