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On Hold
The development of this tool is currently on hold as the Mozillians team focuses on improving the Phonebook. Please contact the team with any questions.


Mozilla's sub-communities of Add-ons, QA, L10n, Support and more have been good at providing opportunities to those who find their way into them. This approach works for new and potential contributors who know what sort of tasks they'd like to work on. Though, for those who are unsure of what they would be interested or skilled to help with, it's not particularly helpful. So, the idea is to uplift basic introductory tasks across all sub-communities into a public-facing list of activities which are sortable and filterable list (i.e. much like a Job Board).


  1. Increase the number of tasks completed within the Mozilla community
  2. Increase the number of contributors performing tasks within the Mozilla community
  3. Increase contributors awareness of sub-community tasks



List Options

Task Conduit



  1. Become the taskboard for all tasks in the entire Mozilla community