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Currently, its incredibly difficult to find activities to perform in Mozilla projects and teams from an outside contributor's perspective. Even if a contributor is able to find an activity, most drop-off due to a lack of information on who is the task sherpa, a set of instructions on how to perform the task and what knowledge is necessary to do it. The TaskBoard is a list of active opportunities that Mozillians can view in order to easily get involved. They should be able to see which activity is available, who can be contacted to help for that task, what to do to complete it and why someone should come and help the community or project lead.


Mozilla is a very large community with a diverse set of teams located within it. It is likely that the number of tasks available will be very large and diverse as well. Since this is a list of tasks, then we'll need a way to filter down the results that are relevant to users who see it. Either way, here are the list of filter options available in the initial release of this application.

Filter Option What does it do
Summary A search field that allows a user to add a search term or phrase to their filter and find tasks within Mozilla.
Point of Contact A search field that allows a user to add a search term or phrase to their filter and find tasks within Mozilla.
Length of Time Open A date/time range that allows a user to search for tasks created within a certain period either with a defined start/end, start or end.
Groups A search field that allows a user to add group tags to filter the tasks available. This will require tapping into the groups list offered by the Phonebook API. A user should be able to remove group tags from the search term by either clicking on the "X" within the tag or entering backspace twice when the cursor is immediately to the right of the tag.
Reset A hyperlink that, when clicked, will remove all added search terms/phrases, date/time ranges and groups.


There will be a singular sorting option available based on the time of creation. By default, tasks will be shown by last created first. Otherwise, the sorting option will be a hyperlink that allows the user to flip the order to show oldest tasks first. If a user clicks on the hyperlink again, the list will sort back to showing newest created tasks first.