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People working on this project shall be classified into 3 Team Categories


Content Writers

Major resource contributors – write articles in English mostly. Writes simple easy-to-share articles with the community.

L10N Teams

Translate the articles written into the local languages. We shouldn’t translate the articles word by word, but must write them to suit the local taste, retaining only the essence of the content, so we can reach the readers better.

Media Outreach

People who work on getting Media contacts, bloggers, magazines, volunteers etc. and also gather feedback from them once articles start to get published and give their feedback and suggestions to the Content Writer Teams and L10N teams appropriately.

Core Team
These teams above shall be monitored and mentored by a Core team that shall include people from our very own Mozilla PR.

Organizational Structure


Awards and Incentives


All the articles written and approved shall be published in the Mozilla Wiki

We definitely need to acknowledge and recognize the selfless contribution of the passionate volunteers who have worked hard towards attaining our goal. In that regard,

  1. There shall be a points table to each of the contributor. The more contribution that he/she makes, the more points they get. This shall be viewed in carefully by the Core Team and if found appropriate, based on feedback from the existing Team leaders and the work put in by the volunteers, he/she shall be made one of the Team leaders of that group
  2. Awesome Comms Reps Swag for all contributors above certain points!
  3. A letter of recognition from Mozilla.