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Guidelines to Writing Articles

  • Tell a story. It can be on anything regarding Mozilla or Open Web - but not a news-casting, nor a DIY/Tutorial.
  • Make it interesting. Find the right tone, appropriate blend of statistics & narrative, frequency of humor/cultural-references & use them well.
  • Make your parents understand. How your Grandma understands is way too boring for hyperactive tech-kids - resonate somewhere in-between.
  • Text articles are just a part of it. You can make anything - from stick-figure comics to pod-casting - don't be afraid to be creative/imaginative.
  • No personal promotions, please! If the audience likes your work, they'll look up for you - please don't post your blog/profile links 36 times in the content.

Articles in the Pipeline

The initial list of articles has been put up as an Etherpad note. Once, the content verification has been done and approved, the articles shall be moved to Wiki. As of now, you may check for the articles here - Article List. Those of you willing to submit their articles shall do so at the Etherpad document.


The Initial Roadmap for articles is up. Check page for your article pending status, article list and ideas.

Approved Articles

Below are the list of articles approved for publishing by Mozilla PR and the Core Team. Media Outreach teams may pitch them at their convenience. All language short-forms are in compliance with ISO 639-1 codes

01 Boot2Gecko Interview with Andreas Gal, Director of Research, Mozilla Corp
02 What is Open Source?
03 What Open Web means to us?
04 What is / Why Linux?
05 What is Mozilla?
06 Mozilla in your language
07 The Story of Firefox
08 BrowserID Explained
09 Savouring Mozilla Popcorn
10 HTML5: The Way to Go!

Article Development in Progress
The list of articles for NeMo need to be approved and verified by product teams before being moved to Wiki. Please do not edit this page to put up your article here. Submit yours at the Etherpad page's link given above