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Round 5 was January - April, 2013

Outreach Program For Women 2013

This page contains all the information about the opportunity with Mozilla for the Outreach Program for Women internship that will take place from January 2 through April 2, 2013. Please see the main program page for the general information about the program, such as timeline, background information, eligibility, requirements, and the application form

We have two projects this year for our first time participating as a project, and not just a sponsor, in this valuable program:

Release Metrics Dashboard

The project is to get the beginnings of a dashboard set up that measures our rapid release process. More information coming soon, but if you're interested in data, scripting, webdev, and Python please consider this project. This is a great project for someone who also enjoys project management and data-driven decision making. We're looking to get just the first version & framework up for an app that we can continue to hone over time that will give us more visibility into the effectiveness of our current release management efforts. By taking on this project you will be doing a huge service to the quality of Mozilla Firefox product releases! Check out the First Task which will give you a small taste of the kind of data and code you'd be starting with.

Crash statistics reporting

This project will include work with the team that supports http://crash-stats.mozilla.com. We have a series of reports that investigate why crashes occur. One way of analyzing the data is to create correlation reports. A series of these reports needs to be implemented in the database and integrated with the Django web application. A prototype of the reports has been designed, and a simple statistical model has been selected. If you're interested in diving deeper into the stats portion of the project, you're welcome to, but that's not required.

If you're interested in databases, API design, a little SQL and Python please consider this project! Selena Deckelmann (selenamarie on IRC) will be mentoring. To try and tackle your first bug, have a look at GetInvolved page for crash-stats.mozilla.org.


  • #opw on irc.mozilla.org (please ping lsblakk or selenamarie with questions so we know you're there)


Lukas Blakk (Release Manager)

  • lsblakk on IRC

Selena Deckelmann (Data Architect, WebTools team)

Release Management Team

  • Alex Keybl (Team Manager)
  • Bhavana Bajaj (Release Manager)

First Contribution(s)

Start with these two

General Mozilla Contributions

  • This portal will help you find out about all sorts of ways to contribute, based on the time you have available

Release Dashboard First Task

  • Install bztools in a virtualenv on your computer
  • Write a python script that gets the buglist of all bugs fixed between 10-09-2012 and 11-19-2012 that were marked as tracking-firefox17+ at some point in that 6 week time
  • Create a visualization of the fluctuation over 6 weeks of bugs being added and removed to the tracking-firefox17+ bugs (simple +N bugs, -N bugs per day is enough) that are not marked as fixed/verified/disabled/unaffected for status-firefox17 (cf_status_firefox17)

Doing this task requires having set up a bugzilla account. You may not be able to access certain security bugs, don't worry about those for now. By doing this first task you will show your ability to work with python and set up your environment using the instructions in the bztools package. You'll also get a small taste of working with the Bugzilla API and the data we can pull about our release tracking process.


(details coming soon)

Required Skills

(details coming soon)

Nice-To-Have Skills

(details coming soon)

Selected Projects

Lianne Lee (llmelon), Sydney, Australia - Release metrics dashboard - Lukas Blakk