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Round 6 was June-September 2013

Outreach Program For Women 2013

This page contains all the information about the opportunity with Mozilla for the Outreach Program for Women internship that will take place from June 17 - Sept 23, 2013. Please see the main program page for the general information about the program, such as timeline, background information, eligibility, requirements, and the application form

We have two mentors this year for our second time participating as a project, and not just a sponsor, in this valuable program:

Project 1: Bug Wrangler

Mentor: Liz Henry


Help develop the Bugmasters community for Mozilla, working with Liz and the Coding Contribute group, to introduce new contributors to bugzilla.mozilla.org and bug management. The Bug Wrangler should be interested in managing and triaging lots of bugs, talking with new triagers, developers, and community members, and helping to run bug triage events. There will be an incoming stream of bug wranglers to get signed up for projects and good first triage tasks.

The wrangler will become familiar with the structure of a large open source project with a high volume of bugs reported from a wide-ranging assortment of developers, testers, and end users. It is a similar role to the earlier Wikimedia GNOME outreach position.

The Bug Wrangler is also welcome to contribute code and develop prototype dashboards or web interfaces that use the Bugzilla API, something in the spirit of Code Triage for Github or Bugs Ahoy.

Project 2: Test Gardener

Mentor: Selena Deckelmann


Write unit and integration tests for Socorro related to database, backend crash storage and middleware. Through this project, you will learn all about how a high performance data warehouse application works, which technologies were chosen for different types of storage, what the limitations are of our existing system and how a modern development group works with continuous integration and production deployments. If accepted to this project, you'd be working with the WebTools team, a group of developers distributed throughout the world.

You'll be also reviewing (and maybe deleting!) old tests. You might also work on making our existing test suite to be a bit faster.

To qualify, a Test Gardener should be able to install Socorro and successfully run our test suite. Instructions for installation are available here. If you find a bug or have a problem, feel free to submit a ticket to bugzilla. In addition, you are invited to tackle one of our mentored bugs to get a feeling for how our team works together.

Feel free to ask questions in #breakpad on irc.mozilla.org or #opw on irc.mozilla.org. You can contact me directly by mentioning my nickname in channel: selenamarie.

Successful candidates will need some previous programming experience -- 1 year with any language, where you've written code someone else then used, or read and then fixed bugs in someone else's code. All code will be written in Python. Some previous experience with SQL or a willingness to learn basic SQL would be helpful.


  • #opw on irc.mozilla.org (please ping lizzard, selenamarie, or lsblakk with questions so we know you're there)


  • Selena Deckelmann (Data Architect, WebTools team)
  • Liz Henry (Bugmaster)

First Contribution(s)

Start with these two

General Mozilla Contributions

  • This portal will help you find out about all sorts of ways to contribute, based on the time you have available
  • Bugs Ahoy! will help you find a mentored first bug based on your existing skills and areas of interest

Google Summer of Code

Mozilla is also participating in Google Summer of Code. Women who are students are welcome and encouraged to apply for both programs. While we have two dedicated mentors and ideas for the Outreach Program for Women, and applicants are encouraged to explore these first, applicants interested in Google Summer of Code are welcome to consider all ideas proposed for Google Summer of Code. Here are Mozilla's GSoC projects for Summer 2013. You can apply with the same idea from either source for both programs.

Selected Projects

coordinators: Selena Deckelmann and Liz Henry

Gabriela Salvador Thumé (gabithume), São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil - Socorro - Selena Deckelmann