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What and why?

The minimum viable product is a tweaked user experience on top of Pancake's old architecture. It's a platform from which to build out the rest of French Toast.

Evolution, not Revolution

  • Pancake Today: A search-focused browser in the cloud
  • Pancake Tomorrow: A search-focused browser in the cloud

Use what you have

Starting from scratch is dumb.

We took a good look at the architectural pieces Pancake had already developed and pulled them together into a coherent and compelling user experience.

Because the user experience is built around the same core job-to-be-done, we already have a platform for this app. We’re not throwing away work.

We can reconfigure what we have now into a minimum viable product, then grow it bit-by-bit into French Toast.

At each step along the way we have a compelling app with clear user benefits.

What is the MVP

French Toast was designed with a minimum viable product in mind from the very beginning.

  • Core job-to-be-done: “Help me find x”.
  • Minimum viable product: A search-focused browser in the cloud


1. Client switches from the "side-scroller" metaphor to the new layer metaphor 2. Drawer becomes “Recent Searches” 3. Search Results have the same data with a UX refresh 4. Viewer controls move from top to side