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User Stories

I want to understand where I am in the app

  • Use "layers" metaphor to represent app state.
  • Users can swipe layers into and out of view.
  • Layers are a spacial metaphor. Spacial metaphors are easy to understand.

When I'm searching, I want to easily hop between search results and webpages so I can 'try out' pages that might have what I'm looking for.

  • You can go back to a lower search layer by swiping, say, a web page, off to the right.
  • A small nubbin of draggable bar for the "off-right" layer is exposed along the far right side.
  • Layers that are "swiped off to the right" are kept in-memory. If you swipe the layer back into view, it does not have to be reloaded. The layer immediately below the current layer is also kept in-memory so you can easily jump between them.
  • If you hop back to a search result and into a different page, the off right layer disappears. Only one branch of the layer tree is kept alive at a time.

As a heavy user, I want to be able to quickly go back to the bottom screen so I can start a new task.

  • Double-swipe to move all layers out of the way.