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Brazil 2016


Brazil is the biggest community in Latin America, and one of our 10 focus countries. Is difficult that a great number of Brazilian community members participate on big Mozilla’s events at the same time, so we think is a great place to begin the work on Regional Institutes.

At the same time is a community with several layers that don’t always integrate well. There are community members that participate in the community for the last 10 years, and new ones with lots of new ideas. But they are struggling to organize.


  • Clear participation plans for our two major initiatives (Campus Campaign and Connected Devices)
  • All the participants agree on a communication process and channel
  • Participants report having learned at the event and are motivated to work on the initiatives
  • There is an improvement in the health in the Brazilian community. This will be measure with before and after surveys

Code of Conduct


  • Friday May 27th- Arrival Day (dinner with all participants)
  • Saturday - May 28th - First day of meetup
  • Sunday - May 29th - Second day of meetup
  • Sunday evening/ Monday May 30th - Departure day.


  • Schedule can be consulted here.
  • Highlights:



  • Participants will stay at Quality Hotel Faria Lima
    • Address: Rua Diogo Moreira, 247 - Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP, 05423-010, Brazil
    • All participants will share double rooms


The event will take place at the Mutua Coworking

  • Address: Rua Dona Maria Dulce Nogueira Garcez, 55 - Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP, 05424-070, Brazil

How to get from Hotel to Venue

  • Venue is located 550 mts away from the hotel.
  • You can check the directions on Google Maps here.
  • Or check this map below to see how to get there:

Brazil Meetup Venue to Hotel.png

How to get from Airport to Hotel

  • Details in Google Maps.
    • Take the bus at the Airport direction to Praça República
    • Make the connection in Praça República with the subway, Line 4 (Butanta).
    • Faria Lima is the third stop.
    • Cross the avenue and walk on Av. Brg. Faria Lima.
    • Turn on Rua Diogo Moreira until the number 247.

* Congonhas Airport - Public Transport

    • Use the exit in lower floor to Av. Washigton Luis
    • Cross the footbridge near the airport toward Av. Washigton Luis nº 6675
    • Take the bus 576M-10 Pinheiros (the bus stop is beside the footbridge - Fee R$ 3,80 - take only the money need to pay)
    • Landing at Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1337-1357 (the bus stop is next to the footbridge)
    • Cross the Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima (proximity there is a crosswalk)
    • Follow on Rua Diogo Moreira nº 247 (the hotel is on the right side)


Food during the event will be included. Coffee Breaks and Lunch will be served at the venue. Breakfast is included at the hotel.

For dinners will be organized and paid by Mozilla:

  • Friday: TBD
  • Saturday: TBD
  • Sunday: TBD

On dinners (jantar) alcoholic drinks will not be included. Is totally ok if you want to drink but it will not be cover by Mozilla.


  • says:
    • Friday May 27th Partly Cloudy High: 26°C Low: 16°C Precipitations: 20% Hum: 63%
    • Saturday May 28th Mostly Sunny High: 26°C Low: 16°C Precipitations: 10% Hum: 59%
    • Sunday May 29th Mostly Sunny High: 26°C Low: 15°C Precipitations: 20% Hum: 59%

Reimbursement policy

  • All participants who requesting reimbursement for their expenses need to add their expenses on bug #1274573. If you have any questions, please contact Guillermo or Francisco Picolini about it.



Mozilla Staff

Contact persons

  • Guillermo Movia (gmovia[at]mozilla[dot]com) - phone numbers will be provided in mails.


  • Hashtag: #mozbrazil16
  • Brazil Mailing list