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Marketpulse Participation Step - Firefox OS Research

See Marketpulse Ladder for full ladder

(from step template)

Step Component
Step Outcome Data collected for Firefox OS in target Market
Contributor Outcome Skill-building and real-life Market Research experience.
Key Skill-set(s) Analytical, Creative, Organized, Observant
Skill-set Level Beginner
Assessment Criteria Successfully reports Firefox OS prices with detailed comments, for a minimum of 3 months.
Recognition Component
  • Twitter, Telegram with #mozlove (thanks)
  • Shout-Outs in calls, or personal email (encouragement)
  • Badge (reward/accomplished goal)
Education/Training Support [1](Community Education Link)
Mentorship informal (asking community leaders for help)
Prerequisite? None
Web Literacy Open Practices, Community Participation
Next Step(s) Competitor Phone Collection