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Project Name

Activate Mozilla



Surface up contribution opportunities that:

  • have potential impact on current Mozilla priorities
  • provide value to contributors.

These are presented in the form of activities.

We have heard from many people that they are not getting enough guidance on what to focus their energies on. Secondary, we want to give contributors exposure to projects across the whole organization.


To build up our mobilization strength and give contributors clear guidance on what to do right now

Alignment With Other Mozilla Goals

Invite Participation! Well, we are making sure the activities are relevant and designed to deliver impact. So it has the potential to touch all objectives.

Initial activities involve the following teams:

  • WebCompat
  • Test Pilot
  • Rust
  • e10s
  • WebVR


The activities go ‘viral’, first among Reps and then a wider group of contributors

Initial Q3 2016 goals were:

  • 6 activities are launched.
  • 40 mobilizers hosting activities
  • 500 unique contributors
  • 2000 unique contributions to the campaign
  • 1000 social shares of campaign activities.


Initially Q3 (started half way in). We will contribute through end 2016, and then evaluate to extend or make a permanent program.


  • Brian King - Lead
  • Ruben Martin, George Roter - Supporting
  • Nikos Roussos - Site Development

Internal Stakeholders

All the teams that we build activities with.




Github Issue(s)

Work To Date

How to get involved

  • Follow along and join in on Github
  • Site localisation
  • Surveys
  • Ideas for an activity - email/Telegram Brian
  • Best way to help? Do an activity!