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Participation Experiments


Do open source projects with risky methodologies and tools that can help us learn how to do open source better. Concentrate on projects that are adjacent to, but not required for, core Mozilla technologies.


Learn how to fix systemic problems with burnout, bias, and software quality that are limiting open source development.

Alignment With Mozilla Goals

Several possible specific project goals. Some possible examples.

  • Servo/Webrender: show web developers how a next-generation web browser is important and why they should test with it. Expand the circle of Webrender-advocating web application developers with performant sample code.
  • Rust: expand the Rust ecosystem by translating/auditing legacy projects.


Open source as we know it is being displaced by other sets of cooperation norms. In order for people to join and stick with open source, it must keep up, both in ability to attract diverse new people and in ability to meet the needs of current participants.


  • increased engagement with Mozilla projects related to our experiments
  • lessons learned on participation tools and norms that work in the experimental project and can be applied elsewhere.


We start in September with a goal of getting two projects to demo/publishable state by end of the year.


  • Don: main Mozilla contact. Depending on projects chosen we will line up two technical contacts per relevant product team.

Internal Stakeholders


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Work To Date

List any finished work, decisions, report-backs, metrics etc to show progress.

How to get involved

  • [Join our Gitter Channel/Discourse Topic and say hi]