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Reps Regional Coaches


Establish good channels to communicate with local communities and have a two-way communication about what's going on and needs on the ground as well as align every community on the Mozilla's current status and needs.


Establish a group of core mobilizers to act as a bridge between the Reps program/Participation team and the local communities, by supporting communities on their region.

Alignment With Mozilla Goals

Build Core Strength: Build Capabilities of Core Contributor Mobilizers & Communities


  • We want local communities to be healthy and aligned with the current environment and goals.
  • We want communities to take part shaping the future and path of the organization.


  • Communities are more aligned with the current organization goals by providing value there.
  • Communities understand and influence the organization vision and path.
  • Communities feel more represented by the Reps program and Council.


We started in July and we expect this to be a maintained effort over time.


  • Rubén Martín coordinating the overall strategy
  • Guillermo Movia bringing support and guidance
  • Reps Council bringing guidance

Internal Stakeholders

  • Regional Communities, Reps program, Participation Team


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