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Measuring and communicating the performance effect of addons in Firefox.


  • Dietrich Ayala is working on and corralling others to work on the best-practices document, and spec'ing out a client-side benchmark suite.


  • Inform users of the performance of a given addon on AMO
  • Educate addon developers on performance best-practices
  • Provide users a way to measure performance in Firefox
  • Provide developers performance feedback inside Firefox


Group Description Leader Status Details
Docs Best Practices guide on MDC Dietrich IN PROGRESS View. It's sufficiently full. Next step is to clean it up and migrate it to MDC.
Docs Recommend JAR packaging Unowned NOT STARTED
AMO Show addon performance data Heather/Clint IN PROGRESS bug 559929, see also wiki page
AMO Have reviewers and validator warn when addon is not using a JAR Unowned NOT STARTED bug 551714, needs AMO evang/docs changes
AMO Have automated review warn when addon is not using a JAR Unowned NOT STARTED needs webdev
Rel-eng Try-server for extension testing Unowned NOT STARTED bug 553637, needs rel-eng and AMO devs
Jetpack Ensure generated Jetpacks use JAR Unowned NOT STARTED bug 552865
Fx-team/Platform Warn on non-JAR file access Unowned NOT STARTED bug 552863
Fx-team Perf benchmarking suite NOT STARTED draft spec from Limi
Fx-team/Platform Enable JARing of all files in an addon Unowned NOT STARTED bug 552855




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