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Snappy Apr. 5 Minutes


No actions.


  • hardware acceleration: i disabled hwa on all macs in my family, and Firefox has been noticeably snappier across multiple types of macs. related bugs: bug 600763, bug 721273, bug 721892. should have someone from perf team or gfx dig in and at least confirm.
    • Taras asked to put on gfx q2 goals


Persona slowness(ehsan?)

Results from the past week
  • issues discovered with animated personas and those that heavily use svg and css
  • Ehsan to summarize the issue in a blog/wiki
  • look at moving image decoding off of the main thread

Mainthread+Slow SQL (gavin/taras/vlad)

Results from the past week
  • Worked on cancellable sql (bug 722243), have to figure out if benefit from cancellable queries justifies additional locking
Todo this week
  • Ask SQLite guys about fine-grained cancels

Better DOM event/task scheduling - jst (telemetry)

Results from the past week
  • starting to work on slowing down parser in background tabs

Super-slow-startup investigations - vlad, taras

Results from the past week
  • Received batch of slow startup data from March

Startup optimizations - bbondy

Results from the past week
  • bbondy: Bug 692255 - WIll have implemented super review comments for prefetch

Front-end - Dietrich/bbondy

Results from the past week
Todo this week
  • telemetry for home tab vs session restored
  • telemetry for # of tabs restored
  • taras: investigate if startup cache/omnijar is still of benefit

Profiler - jrmuizel/BenWa/Ehsan (and more)

Todo this week
  • There seems to be an issue with symbolication with latest SPS extension version

Nondestructive chromehang - vlad

Results from the past week
  • Co-ordinate with Softronics QA people & Moz privacy review
  • bug 742008: Nightly profiling updates consistently failing
Todo this week
  • Integrate about-telemetry into Firefox as a bundled addon
  • Add a pass through mode so local symbolication server can pass symbolication requests to remote server (e.g. local Firefox symbols + remote Windows system symbols)

Peptest - mcote

Results from the past week
  • revision numbers, with links, now in peptest graphs as of March 30
  • results keep coming in!

GC pause reduction - billm

Results from the past week
  • bug 641025: incremental GC - disabled due to leaks
  • investigating leaks due to incremental GC
  • landed bug 716142 (allow multi-compartmental GCs), which enables:
  • worked on bug 739899, to keep compartment creation from stopping incremental GC
  • Multi compartment GCs should also enable scheduling smaller chunks of GC and CC.

CC pause reduction - smaug, mccr8 (meta bug 698919)

Results from the past week
  • smaug worked on trying to reduce the impact of leaked documents on the CC
  • mccr8 worked on bug 653191 (collapse SCCs of JS in CC graph)
  • remove more stuff from the CC graph (bug 740185)
  • QA is working on plan to test for leaked documents

bug710935 - measure lag in handling user input (needs owner)

  • bbondy: I'll probably be starting on this next week, but if you have someone else please feel more than free to take :)