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Places Meeting 4pm 11.9.06

myk: places!
sspitzer: places!
sayrer: places!?!
sspitzer: meeting?
dietrich: um, is that the meeting kickoff? 
myk: meeting!
dietrich: thunder!
myk: lightning!
myk: thunder is standing near me but far away from computers
dietrich: anyone have anything to report, discuss, etc?
dietrich: i've updated the task list, w/ more bugs and various notes:
dietrich: also: basil mentioned that yahoo might be into having some of their people work on Places, for sync apis and such
dietrich: so, i'll poke patrick and let him know about this room, and meeting time
sspitzer: dietrich: he already knows, but we could remind him
dietrich: sspitzer: ok
sspitzer: as far what to report, I've got a could things to fix for group-by-date (per gavin), and I've made some progress on the edit menu / history sidebar (which uses the Places controller.js)
sspitzer: but that's it.
sayrer: I figured out the issue with the unit tests. It's related to empty profiles, so I didn't see it before.
sayrer: I have a patch to avoid instantiating the Livemarks service at startup. Working on a good event to listen for in PlacesController, to kick off the refresh.
dietrich: cool, what is the event? is it before or after first window load?
dietrich: also, here's the bug for adding --enable-places-bookmarks as a configure option:
sayrer: there are window load events to listen for
dietrich: i basically did what --enable-places did, and it seems to work so far 
thunder: I am here!
thunder: sorry
sayrer: but they aren't ideal, because they indicate when the native window shows
thunder: dietrich: cool
thunder: on my end; I pinged the build team and got rhelmer to set up a tinderbox for us
thunder: it's available off the MozillaExperimental page
thunder: (
dietrich: thx, will be very helpful
thunder: I also attached a patch to the bug for that (356111) for adding a test to tinderbox
thunder: for testing with history data
thunder: the actual history data I'm still working on - I have a file now but I'm adding links from the pageset we use, so that we get some visited links
thunder: I'll attach it to the bug when it's ready
dietrich: re: the summit next week
dietrich: we should grab the session time during this meeting 
dietrich: also, mconnor volunteered me for a short places presentation at some point
dietrich: but if y'all want to get up and join in, i wouldn't stop ya 
dietrich: i'm working on some notes, and i'll post them here
dietrich: any specific things you think should be covered, let me know or bring it up here on irc
thunder: sounds great
dietrich: any other items to discuss?
thunder: I don't have any
dietrich: meeting adjourned!
dietrich: sspitzer: thanks for the review
thunder: hooray!
dietrich: i should probably get 2nd review from a build person maybe?
NSA: in how many months will places be renabled on trunk
sayrer left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
dietrich: NSA: no specific ETA at the moment, lots of stuff is still in the design phase
dietrich: and i wouldn't be surprised if Fx3 discussions this quarter have serious effect on our goals for Fx3
thunder: yeah
dietrich: take a look at the Fx3 brainstorming wiki, there's a ton of stuff there for bookmarks, tags, etc
myk: btw, have y'all made a decision yet whether to use xul templates and how to get data from sqlite into them?
sayrer joined the chat room.
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sspitzer joined the chat room.
dietrich: myk: no, i was hoping to get some time w/ enn during the summit to talk about it
dietrich: i put this up:
dietrich: please add/remove/edit as you see fit
myk: dietrich: k, i've added myself
myk: dietrich: i'm really interested in what enn has to say about that; i suspect that lots of folks will want to store data in sqlite and then display it in the UI, so it would be good to figure out a known (best practice) good way of doing that rather than everyone rolling their own
myk: err, /known (best practice) good way/known good way (i.e. best practice)/
dietrich: myk: yeah, i agree