Places/Status Meetings/2009-01-12

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Places Team Meeting Details

  • Mondays at 9:00am Pacific
  • #places

Work Priorities

  • Blockers (
    • One unassigned blocker has been assigned to dietrich.
  • Bugs targeted 3.1: (
    • MaK77 will make a first pass of this, followed by dietrich to go through and remove bugs from this list that are clearly new features that will not be making it for 1.9.1.
    • Bugs are marked with [good first bug] in the whiteboard as well for new folks to jump into and still impact the 3.1 release.
  • Bug Triage (
    • Dropped below 1700 today!
    • Try to triage these if you have some spare time.
    • Targetting to drop off another 100 of these by next week (by fixing, closing, duping, etc)


QA Issues

We are having a Places Test Week this week see QMO event here:

This means more litmus tests focused on places should be ran this week, as well as additional bug triage.


  • Check status of developers docs (schema changes, temp tables) (dietrich)
    • The places ERD is a 404 (and was out of date). Dietrich is going to update it to the latest schema.
    • MaK77 and sdwilsh are going to write some documentation on how to write SQL queries against the places backend (for core developers). This will include the following:
      • How to write queries in the new temp-table era (MaK77)
      • How to get to the places database/basic entry points (MaK77)
      • Invariants and triggers (sdwilsh)
      • Check over existing documentation for outdated information (sdwilsh)
  • triage 3.1 targeted to find wanted-firefox3.1+ (MaK77)
    • dietrich will mark these accordingly after MaK77 triages them.
  • Start thinking about long-term plans for places. We will be discussing this at future meetings. (dietrich)