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Places Team Meeting Details

  • Mondays at 9:00am Pacific
  • #places

Work Priorities

  • Blockers (
    • bug 473058 (P2) - dietrich has a strategy, will have a patch later today.
    • bug 471352 (P2) - MaK77 cannot reproduce. Tracy will look into getting steps to reproduce.
    • bug 449406 (P2) - sdwilsh has a patch and is struggling with tests. Seems to work correctly in the browser, but not xpcshell.
    • bug 410196 (P2 added during meeting) - ddhal is going to pick this bug up
    • bug 474582 (P2 added during meeting) - already owned by MaK77. Patch is already up, but needs a test.
    • bug 475273 (P2 added during meeting) - already owned by MaK77. Patch is up for review from Mano.
  • Bugs targeted 3.1: (
    • 34 bugs in total, 20 unowned
    • dietrich is going to go through those again to reduce that number and prioritize the remaining ones.
  • Bug Triage (
    • 1538 open bugs (great progress from last time)
    • goal to remove another 50 by next week


QA Issues

No issues to report. Tracy says that the previous test week was a big success.

Marco needs helping finding steps to reproduce bug 471352. He has been unable to reproduce the issue. Tracy will look into it.

Tracy will also be verifying fixed bugs this week. Prepare for the bugmail.

Status updates

From last week, the following things had open action items:

Documentation Status:

  • Please review:
  • wiki.m.o
    • Places landing page is up to date (dietrich)
    • the old design overview and all the docs linked from it need "POSSIBLY OUT OF DATE", linked to the landing page, or maybe MDC. (??)
    • need documentation on how to write SQL queries against the places back-end, for core developers.
      • Places SQL queries best practices (MaK77)
        • Not yet completed (eta is end of the week)
      • How to write queries in the new temp-table era (MaK77)
        • Not yet completed (eta is end of the week)
      • How to get to the places database/basic entry points (MaK77)
        • Not yet completed (eta is end of the week)
      • Invariants and triggers (sdwilsh)
        • Not yet completed (eta is end of the week)
      • Check over existing documentation for outdated information (sdwilsh)
        • Not yet completed (eta is end of the week)
  • MDC


  • Places platform-level priorities for 3.2 (dietrich will move these to the places planning page)
    • Make livemark children not bookmarks
    • Redo how we expire history visits. No longer expire on every OnVist; expire continuously. (reduces writes and fsyncs)
    • Make tags not bookmark folders
    • Async location bar queries
    • Ability to query based on transition type.

Bugs needing review:

  • triage UI-WANTED bugs to see if they still need UX input (please review your own for this)
  • 300+ unconfirmed places bugs, need to get this number down (all)