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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.14 / Firefox 3.5.3

  • in QA, builds available
  • targeting release for early/mid September

Firefox 3.0.15 / Firefox 3.5.4

  • schedule set
  • please work on your blockers
  • code freeze is September 22

Firefox 3.6a1

  • Active Daily User numbers stabilized
    • 13,000 on Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1
    • 5,000 on Namaroka nightly builds (2k on mozilla-central nightlies)

Firefox 3.6b1

  • string-frozen (need dates and deadlines)
  • co-ordinated with Fennec RC?
  • component leads need to identify P1 issues for this beta

Blocker Report

Gecko 1.9.2 / Namoroka

Browser / Front End

  • see our active projects and get involved / propose others
  • published initial draft roadmap for product deliverables through the end of 2010
  • for Namoroka/mozilla-1.9.2:
    • looks like it will be possible to integrate Personas for Firefox 3.6
    • also looking at protecting users with out of date plugins, see our current ideas
    • also looking at Ts and Tsnap priorities
  • for future/mozilla-central:
    • last call for comments on the multitouch JS API prototype work (see proposed DOM events)
    • identifying places where animation in the browser would help the UX (blog post coming)
    • new UI mechanism for application notifications (see the spec)
  • drafting a set of core principles for Firefox development; currently messy, hope to have something to publish later this week
  • building product feature roadmap through the end of 2010
  • Planet Firefox is up and a good source for posts about ongoing front-end development

GFX Update

  • Decode-on-draw bug 435296
    • Preliminary review done by joe and addressed by bholley
    • ready for formal review

Layout Update

  • CSS Transitions close to landing (dbaron)
  • Harfbuzz running on Windows (jfkthame)
  • Ongoing SVG animation improvements (birtles, dholbert)
  • Fixing compositor regressions (roc)

Content Update

  • 1.9.2
    • 11 blockers left.
  • Trunk:
    • Fixed some COW wrapper followup bugs.
    • XBL2: Jonas is done with his GetDocument/GetOwnerDoc/GetCurrentDoc audit and changes to the layout code. Need to get this in soon to avoid severe bitrot.
    • Henri is continuing to make progress towards moving parts of the HTML5 parser off the main thread.
    • mrbkap's got a proposal for a Jetpack security model.

Platform-specific Support Update


  • just merged a bunch of things, should be perf wins and Google Docs regression fixes
  • nanojit merge almost complete, still a 500-line delta or so.
  • tracing native getters almost landed

Startup Performance

Weekly summary is here.




  • karlt and jmuizelaar will work on windowless plugins (linux+windows)
  • josh meeting with Safari/webkit developers about OOP plugins on mac today


  • graphics still pending (joedrew)


  • Still some hiccups with necko protocol init
  • design meeting this week


  • mrbkap to implement on a cross-process JS wrapper

Tree Management

  • getting new n810s into production; uphill struggle
  • new small/med dirty profile talos suites
  • removed tp3, fasttalos suites
  • l10n nightly updates
    • on m-c, 192
    • causing delays in en-US nightly updates
    • 191 on hold, while we sort out bottleneck, worried about looping the day
  • moved some fennec tests to VMs
  • splitting of production-master/production-master02 went well
    • ironing out sharing of slaves, watching wait times


  • Are we going to have a status192 flag or not? It's not clear what the outcome of the last discussion was.
  • compiler change: Linux m-c builds to move from GCC 4.1 to GCC 4.3.4 sometime when I can close the tree for a few hours (bsmedberg)