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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.18 / Firefox 3.5.8

  • code freeze January 19th
  • there are 13 blockers remaining for
    • owners are: smaug, dbaron, ddahl, dholbert, Enn, honzab, igor, jimm, jst, mrbkap (x5), roc, surkov, wtc
  • there are 29 blockers remaining for
    • owners are: smaug, dbaron, ddahl, dholbert, dolske, Enn, gal (x2), honzab, igor, jimm, joe, jst, kaie, matsp, mrbkap (x8), rs, roc, surkov, wtc and 3 unassigned (XPConnect, 2xDOM)
  • release Feb 16th

Firefox 3.6

  • new RC available as of Sunday night, announced yesterday
  • reviewing blocker nominations daily
  • proposed release dates: Thursday, Jan 21 or Monday, Jan 25

Blocker Report

Firefox 3.6 RC Code Completion

All Blockers (includes website, release management, etc)
See more Firefox 3.6 related blocker queries, or learn about the new status and blocker flags

Browser / Front End

  • Lots of awesome work being done on future-looking firefox work, including:
    • Tab matches in awesomebar (nearly done!) bug 480350
    • New Extension Manager API work continuing, with parallel EM UI development as well.
    • Getting close to a UI for how to handle crashed plugins in a world with out of process plugins bug 538910
    • Rob Strong's been looking at performance of various front end components, and has also started looking at a slate of improvements to the way we handle updates.
    • Marco landed the work in bug 520165 that moves history expiration off of the main thread, and in the process moved a bunch of C++ to JS and cleaned up a lot of the older Places code. This provides snappiness and shutdown performance benefits.
    • Progress on a new Places query API (bug 522572), and its integration with Jetpack.
    • Progress on Places queries in content pages (bug 529605).
    • Started moving session restore to mozStorage (bug 508740).

GFX Update

  • pixman merge landing
  • D2D is getting close to landing

Layout Update

Content Update

  • Spent some time on 1.9.0.x and 1.9.1.x backporting, mrbkap in particular.
  • Jonas found some fun UTF16<->UTF8 conversion bugs as part of his nsIAtom switch to UTF16.
  • Working on getting Bjarne's async cache writes patch reviewed and landed.
  • Ben Newman has the CPOW patch in the bug up for review, tests included.

Platform-specific Support Update

  • [Josh] The plan for Java for Mac OS X on the 1.9.3 branch.
    • Apple should be releasing another Java update beta soon, which should have an updated NPAPI Java plugin (JavaPlugin2). We are hopeful that they'll ship something good enough to replace JEP by March. We'll be monitoring the situation closely.
    • So that we don't depend on Apple, Steven will begin porting the JEP to NPAPI ASAP. This should take 4-6 weeks of dedicated work. We'll abort the JEP port if/when we see a good enough Java plugin from Apple.


  • SpiderMonkey dispatch work continues
  • Security bugs getting triaged, more work ahead this week.
  • ES5 work landing, slight breakage here and there
  • some GC improvements landing by avoiding unmapping memory

Startup Performance



Estimated win Bug # Summary Owner Status Notes
>10% bug 512584 Super fast paths for Components.classes and Components.interfaces Taras Glek in progress Taras is traveling, says he'll close it out when he returns.
~8% bug 525013 Investigate a more static build configuration of Firefox Joel Reymont in progress Lots of progress! Joel has a patch for Mac and Linux working on the tryserver, and numbers to confirm a partial static build gets ~8% improvement on Mac, with no compat problems. Zach added a bunch of number crunching to validate Joel's numbers. On the Windows front, Taras has a patch in progress now.
up to 25% bug 514083 Per-file HFS+ compression on Mac OSX 10.6 Joel Reymont in progress Conclusion is that we need to make this happen via the installer, as well as the updater, since modifying files results in decompression. Conversation on the bug has expanded into turning on JAR compression.
TBD bug 520309 Startup cache: replacement for fastload cache Ben Hsieh in progress Ben is looking into a perf regression that arose after some major changes.
TBD bug 503483 Turn on --enable-faststart for Firefox by default Dietrich needs testing No update, need to test still. Heated conversation on the bug.
TBD bug 513149 Speed up CSS parsing by using a machine generated lexer Zack Weinberg Zack's blocked on other work No update.Taras says about 6% of startup spent parsing CSS.




  • Really close to on-by-default: three test failures remain
  • Broke OOPP users with this morning's nightly, but we're respinning nightlies
  • Coordination meetings continue Wednesday, 1PM PT


  • DWARF Call Frame Information (CFI), needed to enable -fomit-frame-pointer optimization and required for stack traces at all on ARM (mobile):
    • Linux DWARF support is complete, with full unit tests; Google has five patches awaiting review.
    • Minidump processor side support for CFI is complete and implemented for x86, with full unit tests. Not done for ARM, but that should be quick.
    • Symbol dumping work (final step) in progress, ETA this week or next.

Tree Management


  • Plans for releases post-3.6? When do we need a 3.7 alpha?
    • we should catalog what's gone into mozilla-central since the 1.9.2 branch
    • need to identify which APIs have changed, and if non-API changing bits can be isolated for back porting
    • for each change, we should describe what the desired effect is, who should be asked to evaluate it for feedback, and what kind of feedback we're looking for
    • dbaron and damon will drive this effort
  • Firebug 1.5.0 Released