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Notices / Schedule

  • Reminder: the next mozilla-central → mozilla-aurora merge is on 2011-05-24 (6 weeks after the previous mozilla-central → mozilla-aurora merge, which happened on 2011-04-12)

Firefox Development



  • Happily announcing the graphics team's latest goal, the Azure project.
    • Read Joe's blog post for lots of details.
    • tl;dr: We're creating a new graphics API so we can be faster everywhere. Part of the goal is to enable content acceleration on OSes that don't have it, like Windows XP, OS X, Linux, and mobile.


  • Method JIT turned on for chrome on tracemonkey
  • IonMonkey project has started
    • David Anderson is creating "tracer bullets" implementation
    • First 3 JS interns will all be working on IonMonkey subprojects


  • CSS animations behavior change landed; need to decide whether to land update on Aurora, disable CSS animations on Aurora, or ship the old broken behavior in FF5)
  • window.matchMedia API landed on mozilla-central (JS access to the information exposed by CSS media queries)
  • Features being worked on: auto-hyphenation, text-overflow




Tree Management

  • nothing this week

Stability Report

  • Volume of users on the trunk up a bit - 42K ADUs but still trying to grow this group.
  • Crash rate up yesterday due to explosive crash bug 652580 - has been fixed
  • Crashes we need looked at...
    • Crash @ googletoolbar-ff4.dll@0xfbf6 bug 651175 - we can reproduce this, still need someone to look at it.
    • Crash @ nsUserFontSet::ReplaceFontEntry bug 650639 - duped to another signature.
  • A couple of new regressions still to be logged.


  • brendan has expressed concern about the current multi-process plan for Firefox which would break pretty much all extensions that would touch content. bsmedberg has written up Electrolysis/Extension Compatibility and blizzard is organizing a meeting to discuss the options.