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Notices / Schedule

  • Latest Aurora is out to the aurora channel
  • Refreshing the build on the beta channel, should be out today
  • Working on getting a nice schedule of source migration dates that developers can subscribe to

Firefox Development

  • Backed out inline autocomplete change for aurora bug 566489



  • Cairo update landed. Please look out for rendering changes in Nightly 7.0 builds, especially on Windows.
    • Roughly 3 person-months of work (!)
    • Already known regressions:


  • PGO has been turned off for JS builds on nightly and beta to see if PGO is causing JS topcrashes
    • Temporary 5-15% JS perf regressions (15% on Talos; 5% in SunSpider harness)
    • So far, it's hard to tell if it's having an effect on crash rate--need to adjust for ADUs
    • See also bug 605033
  • Andy Scheff starts his JS/IonMonkey internship today
  • Yarr import refresh has landed to TM (bug 625600)
    • This fixes "regular expression is too complex" errors


  • Nothing to report here. Zzzzz



  • New DOM bindings (for node lists) getting close to landable (peterv/bz/mrbkap/andreas).
  • Event listener stuff (.onclick etc) moving from being hand coded into IDL (bz/andreas).
  • EventSource (aka server side events) landed (bug 338583)


Tree Management

Stability Report

  • ADUs still pretty low on the trunk - 40K but should see that increase Mon/Tues.
  • Since the ADUs are pretty low, we don't have many standout crashes.
  • Top browser crash list for yesterday - https://crash-analysis.mozilla.com/chofmann/20110530/top-7.0a1.html
  • Bug 648022 - Was fixed on 5.0 and backout was put on 6.0a2. Until we figure out the real fix, we will continue to see this signature on the trunk.


  • Friendly dev-doc-needed/user-doc-needed reminder (please use them!) [johnath]
  • Get your security-review needing things on CurtisK's radar, visible to some at [1]
  • DXR [ehsan]