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Notices / Schedule

  • Firefox team is at an offsite today
  • Source migration happened last Tuesday, all the resulting updates are on the wire
  • Next mozilla-central → mozilla-aurora source migration is August 16th
  • Goals should be getting locked down

Firefox Development

As mentioned above, Firefox team is offsite this week. Some of the things discussed include:

We'll try to vidyo in, but are likely to stay muted



  • We're trying an experiment of just using mozilla-inbound for landings (the benefits: daily regression resolution, rather than weekly; no need for someone to spend time merging). So for the next two weeks, everything JS is landing in mozilla-inbound, and the TraceMonkey repository is temporarily abandoned. When the two weeks are up we'll decide whether to return to TM or just use mozilla-inbound.







Tree Management

  • Production pool of Windows 64-bit; 5 machines now live this week
    • tracking bug -- bug support-win64
    • current bugs that require devs' attention:
      • (TODO file bug) - make buildsymbols takes 45 mins rather than 5 mins
      • bug 669384 - make buildsymbols fails for leak test builds
      • bug 670915 - make package fails for leak test builds
      • bug 670697 - sporadic make check failures
  • More tegras coming; 40 in boxes here; 160 still being created
    • any help fixing tests would be great list here
  • downtime tonight: faster connection between colos == faster builds
  • The Build Faster meetings will be happening every other week
    • We had a great turnaround and went over a lot of bugs to prioritize
    • Join us at the next meeting and feel free to contribute!
    • Tonight's downtime will improve downloading binaries to the test machines

Stability Report

  • Bill McCloskey trying to tackle a set of GC related crashes. Instrumentation patch landed on the trunk last week.
  • Meeting with Adobe at the end of July. Working with Josh to compile a list of top crashes, issues, Flash versions - Flash related hangs seem to be the most problematic.