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Notices / Schedule

  • Firefox 3.6.20's code freeze is in 1 week (Monday, 2011-08-01)
    • Note that non-blocking bugs had to land by yesterday
  • Offered a refreshed version of Beta yesterday
  • Final beta / RC will be built next week
  • Reminder: Source code migration from mozilla-central → mozilla-aurora is on 2011-08-16. That's in 3 weeks folks

Firefox Development

  • The Jetpack team is now a part of the Firefox team, woohoo!

Firefox Developer Tools




  • jsdbg2 (new JS debugging API) is landing soon (see bug 672829)




  • New DOM Worker JS bindings (plus a bunch of goodies) landed, no more xpconnect in worker threads (bent)




Tree Management

Stability Report


  • Trunk stability is pretty good
    • Still some old crashes appearing in older builds
    • Bug 671916 - new linux crash regression. #5 in overall crashes on the trunk in the past week.
    • Bug 673977 - increase in this signature on the trunk that we think is related to the GC instrumentation patch we checked in.
    • New signature appeared yesterday nsRefPtr<nsXPCClassInfo>::~nsRefPtr<nsXPCClassInfo>() | nsCycleCollectingAutoRefCnt::decr(nsISupports*) - still needs to be logged.
  • 10.7 related crashes
    • Bug 670842 - is our top Lion specific crash and has been rising steadily since 10.7 was released.
  • Increased feedback reports - "app is crashier for 6.0 than 5.0"
    • We looked into this and found a measurable increase in Flash related hangs - Bug 618683
    • No clear site correlations but many of the comments mention youtube.
    • Some analysis pinpoint the regression to a period back in May but we are still trying to solidify this.
    • When we moved to beta, this hang really spiked ie: 1400 a day with 1 million users (5.0 has about 400 a day with 60 million users).


  • top crash we were tracking Bug 671960 was just fixed.
  • Bug 672287 - Get symbols for libc for most common Android installs
    • Bug 672564 - Get symbols for libc for our tegras in test automation


  • App demo next week