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Engineering Meeting Details

  • Tuesday 2013-08-20 - 11:00 am Pacific
  • Dial-in: Audio-only conference# 98411
    • People with Mozilla phones or softphones please dial x4000 Conf# 98411
    • US/Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, (pin 4000) Conf# 98411
    • US/California/Mountain View: +1 650 903 0800, x4000 Conf# 98411
    • US/California/San Francisco: +1 415 762 5700, x4000 Conf# 98411
    • US/Oregon/Portland: +1 971 544 8000, x4000 Conf# 98411
    • CA/British Columbia/Vancouver: +1 778 785 1540, x4000 Conf# 98411
    • CA/Ontario/Toronto: +1 416 848 3114, x4000 Conf# 98411
    • UK/London: +44 (0)207 855 3000, x4000 Conf# 98411
    • FR/Paris: +33 1 84 88 37 37, x4000 Conf# 98411
    • Gmail Chat (requires Flash and the Google Talk plugin): paste +1 650 903 0800 into the Gmail Chat box that doesn't look like it accepts phone numbers
    • SkypeOut is free if you use the 800 number
  • Engineering Vidyo Room / Air Mozilla / MTV Warp Core / TOR Finch / SFO Warfield / PDX Widmer
  • join #planning for back channel


Hot Bugs

(Important bugs for which we need to find owners or additional help. If known, please include suggested team or knowledge needed to advance the bug.)

Orange Factor
  • bug 874108 - Intermittent content/events/test/test_bug656379-1.html | Releasing the mouse over the label should have unpressed (and focused) the button
    • Regressed in mid-May.
    • Win8 only - cause unkonwn.
    • jst to help find an owner.
  • test_focus_autocomplete.xul responsible for 2 of top 10 oranges on trunk (bug 890795, bug 695019). Help wanted.

The Need To Know

(Release and system issues that may impact engineering this week.)

Notices/Schedule (akeybl/lsblakk/bajaj)

Next Merge: July 8, 2024 Next Release: July 9, 2024
Central: 129 Aurora: 54 Beta: 128 Release:
  1. REDIRECT Template:Version/Gecko/release/current
  • Desktop FF 23.0.1 (non-security driven dot release) was shipped on Friday (8/16)
    • Drivers :
      • bug 904001 – DLL block request: rlnx.dll, pmnx.dll, opnx.dll, prnx.dll 1.3.334.9 (Relevant Knowledge 1.0.2)
      • bug 902349 – crash in nsStyleSet::FileRules with AMD Radeon HD 6310
      • bug 901527 – Audio static/"burble"/breakup in mozilla to mozilla webrtc calls
    • Firefox 23 Post-Mortem was held this morning
  • Firefox multiple Betas in one week carries on, FF24.0b4 (Desktop & Mobile) will ship this afternoon

41 bugs (28 bugs last week)
66 bugs (60 bugs last week)
Unresolved Aurora 54 Trackers (non-security, not tracked for Beta) Unresolved Beta 128 Trackers (non-security)

Build Changes (gps)

(Build changes of which engineers should be aware.)

  • bug 904979 creates a divergence between default build options for local and official/release builds with the goal of making local builds faster at the expense of not being exactly like release builds.
  • Many users are experiencing issues loading mozconfigs or mozinfo.json, especially with mach mochitest commands. If you encounter an error, please file it under Core :: Build Config as a P1 and assign to
  • glandium and gps have been making many changes to make rules and tier traversal. Be on the lookout for oddities/regressions and report them immediately.
  • |mach build| records resource usage of builds bug 883209 - will roll out to automation once it has proved itself. bug 907297 is open for people to improve the HTML display.

Upcoming Outages/Upgrades

(System outages/upgrades and tree closures that impact engineering.)

Key Issues

(Non team specific issues that impact engineering.)

Team Stand-ups

(In <2 mins, what did your team accomplish last week, on what is your team working on this week, and on what, if anything, is your team blocked? No questions during the stand-ups. All questions should be asked during the roundtable.)

Accessibility (dbolter)

  • Pico TTS landed in gonk about a week ago and the service to connect gonk to web speech API is coming soon.

Add-on SDK (dtownsend)

<Read Only>

The team did awesome work last week fixing a whole mess of intermittent test failures.

App Tools (dtownsend)

No update

B2G Services (dougt)

Developer Tools (dcamp)

DOM (jst/dougt)

Firefox Desktop (gavin/dolske)

  • Australis update: the team is making good progress on performance.
    • Tpaint regression is within the noise, next focus is on PGO where there still appears to be a slowdown.
    • Inability to do PGO builds on try is a blocker (bug 691673)
    • Markus Stange wrote what should be a useful tool: reflow/restyle/painting profiler: bug 902857
    • Perf team (avih, vladan) have been helping out, chasing down TART issues and doing some profiling
    • The team's starting to reach the bounds of their expertise in some areas; if you get requests to help investigate Australis performance issues please prioritize those as highly as possible
  • Download Manager
    • Bounced due to some test issues, but we have some good ideas for addressing those and hope to have it enabled soon
    • More details in Paolo's firefox-dev post
    • Regressions to be filed as blocking bug 825588
  • Thumbnailing
    • "Foreground" thumbnailing: we're working on a patch that will have us do that much less often (bug 809051), other improvements
    • Background service: fixing regressions, chasing down private-browsing mode issues, e10s crashes will likely mean we need to avoid uplifting to beta

Firefox Metro (bbondy/jmathies/mbrubeck)

<Read Only>

  • final work on downloads landed. some polish still needed.
  • lots of misc. front end fixes.
  • localization turned back on in anticipation of fx26 uplift to aurora.

Firefox Mobile (mfinkle/blassey)

  • We are merging fig to m-c tomorrow! Thanks for your support, we're excited about the latest facelift
  • Landed in Fx26 bug 880259 - Firefox should use GeckoView
  • Fix landed for Fx26 bug 901962 - After zooming out, I can't click outside of the initially viewable area
  • Crash fix uplifed through beta: bug 878416 - java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.CameraImageResultHandler.onActivityResult(

Firefox OS Browser (blassey)

  • Lot's of multi-APZC work bug 890280
    • input event targeting largely fixed
    • async subframe scrolling on for browser, should be coming to all other apps soon
  • tile by tile drawing landed
  • search engine customizable at build time
  • search engine customizable by user

Firefox OS Communications (scravag)

Firefox OS Devices/Porting (mchen)

Firefox OS Media Apps (hema)

<Read Only>

  • Last Week
    • Aside from fixing blocking bugs, our team's primary focus was on features/bugs targeted for 1.2 release, specifically album info on the utility tray, music status icon on the status bar, Displaying additional info on the video file, support to edit image orientation in gallery ( Our current sprint is ending on August 29th.
  • This Week
    • Continue working on current sprint commitments and also fix any blocking 1.1 bugs that comes our way
    • Working on identifying feature gaps in the new music app and coming up with a plan to address it.
    • We are also starting discussions on the next set of user stories/requirements for upcoming sprint/next release

  • Blockers
    • None

Firefox OS Media Recording (cjku)

<Read Only>

  • This week
    • MediaEncoder/ bug 891705 - Implement WebM container writer.
    • MediaEncoder/bug 891704 - Implement MP4Writer
    • WebRTC/ bug 902856 - Should MediaEngineDefaultAudioSource generate real data
    • SkiaGL/ Create a SkThreadCanvas to and offload rendering task from main thread to this thread.
  • Next Week
    • SkiaGL/ Create a SkThreadCanvas to and offload rendering task from main thread to this thread.
    • MediaEncoder/ bug 891705 - Implement WebM container writer.
    • MediaEncoder/bug 891704 - Implement MP4Writer

Firefox OS Performance (mlee)

<Read Only>

  • Bug List
  • This week
    • Contacts App, GPS, and Profiling fixes and improvements.
    • Investigating datazilla cold-launch regression between m-c and b2g18.
    • Gathering 1.0.1 to 1.1 Launch and FPS time deltas to help with backlog prioritization.
    • Workweek planning
  • Next Week
    • Toronto Workweek

Firefox OS Productivity (doliver)

<Read Only>

  • 1.2 sprint 3 in progress
  • Focus of 1.2 work, periodic e-mail sync/notifications, is looking at initial functionality landing near the end of this week. There are still additional user stories to implement involving notifications when the e-mail app is visible as well as grouping logic once the gaia system dependency of updating/revoking notifications lands.
  • POP3 support in the e-mail client is being planned for v1.3.
  • As always, product/sprint backlog located at

Firefox OS Radio/WIFI/GPS (kenhkchang)

<Read Only>

  • Bugs list,
  • Last week
    • Fix Leo+ and hd+ issues.
    • CDMA, to implement call waiting/switching, OTASP, CDMA subscription information, cell broadcast, information record, and ECB.
    • WAP Push, to implmenet the display function.
    • OMA CP, to verify the test AP - Fixed.
    • NFC, to implement the NFC deamon and communication protocol.
    • WPA-EAP, to implement the importing key function.
    • WIFI-Direct, to rebase the WIFI-Direct patches and implement test app.
  • This week
    • Fix Leo+ and hd+ issues.
    • CDMA, to implement call waiting/switching, OTASP, CDMA subscription information, cell broadcast, information record, and ECB.
    • WAP Push, to implmenet the display function.
    • NFC, to implement the NFC deamon and communication protocol.
    • WPA-EAP, to implement the importing key function.
    • WIFI-Direct, to implement wifi-direct state machine.

Firefox OS Systems - Front End (gwagner)

<Read Only>

  • new notification API ready to use for apps. (email is already using it)
  • Download manager: UX done.
  • Offline Experience: UX done.

Firefox OS Systems - Platform (timdream)

<Read Only>

[Gaia/Team/Taipei/Meetings/2013-08-20 meeting note of the week]

  • Tablet: working on planning of v1.2 minimal changes.
  • 3rd-party keyboards framework: on-going, Gecko patch ready to land. Gaia part reviewed. OOP issue reviewing.
  • Simplified Chinese IME: first patch landed, working on UI now.
  • Gaia build script update: bugs filed; working on loading CommonJS module on xpcshell
  • Window management update: on-track, landed some pieces, will land more for the following weeks. No API changes yet.
  • qHD/WVGA: qHD is now v1.2 nice-to-have. WVGA is warped up but monitoring
  • BT feature support: waiting on UX spec, and feasibility study.
  • CDMA front-end support: on-going. Transferred non-Settings app work to Comms team.

GFX (milan)

<Read Only>

  • Relaxed blocklist driver versions on windows and Intel graphics (904266)
  • Tiling on B2G (in case this didn't get mentioned under mobile)

Identity (jedp)

JS (naveed)

<Read Only>

Layout (jet/dbaron)

<Read Only>

Media (jesup)

  • Daala - coding party in MV Sept 30th to Oct 3rd -- if interested, contact Maire (
  • WebRTC
    • audio drift fix coming bug 884365
    • AV Sync improvements bug 864654
    • Landing of update to media/webrtc/trunk bug 901583
    • Don't try to use WebRTC on Windows Nightly or Aurora/25 when another Firefox is running -- weird D3D interaction bug 901831

Necko (jduell)

  • Landed bug 892488: Stop prompting when websites use appcache
  • Landed bug 882516: Removed redundant DNS request
  • We may want to reorder necko events to prioritize CSS, etc in XPCOM event queue
    • seeing 1st paint be slower when cache hits for lots of images, etc.

Performance (vladan)

Seceng (tanvi)

  • Mixed Content Blocker navigation false positive landed and uplifted to beta bug 902350. Mixed Content Blocker persistence coming soon bug 902156.
  • "Firefox, Devtools, Security, and You" talk today at 2:30 pm PST in SF first floor common area and air mozilla - ialagenchev
  • Patch in progress to create a separate cookie jar for the safe browsing cookie (so it's not sent with your other google cookies) bug 897516.

WebAPI (overholt)

No update.

Quality Programs

(An opportunity to hear about status with the various quality programs that do not have a formal team structure.)

CritSmash (dbolter)

MemShrink (njn)

The stealthy introduction of e10s (via the thumbnails child process) exposed a bug in multi-process memory reporting, which has now been fixed. Nonetheless, the existing way of handling multiple processes is hacky and gross and needs to be improved.

OrangeFactor (ryanvm)

  • Past week's OrangeFactor: 6.99 (Previous Week: 5.95). Talos issues and infra problems main cause of spike. Infra issues are ongoing.
  • Ongoing efforts to reduce intermittent failure rate on mozilla-beta (Fx24) in preparation for being the next ESR branch.
    • Please respond to needinfo requests to keep these bugs moving.
  • 25 intermittent failures fixed in the last week - List - Thanks!.
    • Shout out to the Jetpack team for cleaning up many flaky tests in the Addon SDK.

Stability (kairo/bsmedberg)

  • In Which Web browser crashes the most?, ZDNet says "The best browser, in terms of the fewest number of defects, is Firefox 22…" \o/
  • General crash data looks good.
  • 23.0.1 fixes two high-volume third-party crashes that we saw in 23.0 (one with an add-on called "RelevantKnowledge", one with some Radeon cards/drivers).


(Comments and questions that arise during the course of the meeting or otherwise do not have a section.)

<Read only beyond this point>

Mailing List Threads

(Threads that are likely to be of interest to engineering from various mailing lists.)

Good Reads

(Links to blog posts, books, videos, etc. that you think will be of interest to others.)

irc #planning Log From Today's Meeting

[2:00pm] lmandel:
[2:00pm] catlee: is there audio?
[2:00pm] lmandel: RyanVM|Sheriff: jst is on bug 874108
[2:00pm] davidb: catlee: nobody talking
[2:00pm] lmandel: as in, we'll find an owner
[2:01pm] Waldo joined the chat room.
[2:01pm] milan_ joined the chat room.
[2:01pm] firebot: Bug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, Intermittent content/events/test/test_bug656379-1.html | Releasing the mouse over the label should h
[2:01pm] RyanVM|Sheriff: lmandel: wfm, thanks
[2:01pm] RyanVM|Sheriff: jst++
[2:02pm] lmandel: We'll get started in a minute. Just waiting for the AirMo broadcast to start
[2:02pm] milan left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[2:02pm] KaiRo: lmandel: I probybly will miss out on the platform meeting today, but there's no voice update for stability today
[2:02pm] lmandel: KaiRo: k. thanks
[2:02pm] • KaiRo probably should note that zdnet article in the section though
[2:02pm] lmandel: KaiRo: will do
[2:02pm] tanvi left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[2:02pm] tanvi joined the chat room.
[2:03pm] KaiRo: lmandel: oh, I'm editing that section anyhow
[2:04pm] mccr8 joined the chat room.
[2:05pm] tchung left the chat room. (Quit: tchung)
[2:06pm] philor is now known as philor|away.
[2:06pm] davidb: (i'll see if we can get movement on bug 695019)
[2:06pm] firebot: Bug nor, --, ---, nobody, REOP, Intermittent a11y/accessible/events/test_focus_autocomplete.xul | Test timed out. with or without a
[2:07pm] ehsan left the chat room. (Input/output error)
[2:07pm] blassey: anyone know who BillSeitz is?
[2:07pm] davidb: (and 890795)
[2:07pm] ehsan joined the chat room.
[2:07pm] coop|mtg is now known as coop.
[2:08pm] smooney left the chat room. (Quit: smooney)
[2:09pm] ehsan left the chat room. (Connection reset by peer)
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[2:09pm] milan_ left the chat room. (Input/output error)
[2:09pm] bajaj: lmandel: I am at 1%, mind passing on the charger before I die 
[2:09pm] milan joined the chat room.
[2:09pm] jhopkins|mtg is now known as jhopkins.
[2:10pm] RyanVM|Sheriff: you can run pgo
[2:10pm] catlee: it's definitely possible
[2:10pm] brambles left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[2:10pm] RyanVM|Sheriff:
[2:11pm] Waldo: hoo boy, loud SF is loud
[2:11pm] brambles joined the chat room.
[2:12pm] elan: it's actually happening tomorrow...
[2:12pm] RyanVM|Sheriff: the fig merge got pushed to tomorrow due to robocop failures that appeared this morning
[2:12pm] elan: the merge
[2:13pm] kar left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[2:13pm] RyanVM|Sheriff:
[2:13pm] kar joined the chat room.
[2:13pm] RyanVM|Sheriff: hoping to disable the failing test for now
[2:13pm] elan: cool
[2:14pm] mbest joined the chat room.
[2:14pm] davidb: naveed: you around? for js audible?
[2:15pm] naveed: was readonly?
[2:15pm] naveed: apparently my mic was off
[2:15pm] davidb: ok
[2:15pm] lmandel: naveed: OK. np
[2:15pm] davidb: it looks like readonly but i don't think it specified
[2:15pm] Preeti joined the chat room.
[2:15pm] lmandel: naveed: If you add the {{readonly}} template then I'll skip your section.
[2:15pm] lmandel: for next time
[2:16pm] davidb: (i did that)
[2:16pm] naveed: it is there
[2:16pm] Preeti1 joined the chat room.
[2:16pm] naveed: hmm ty
[2:16pm] davidb: np
[2:16pm] naveed: i must have fatfingered the copy
[2:16pm] overholt|afk left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[2:16pm] myk left the chat room. (Quit: Instantbird 1.5a1pre --
[2:16pm] myk joined the chat room.
[2:17pm] Preeti left the chat room. (Ping timeout)
[2:17pm] jwir3 is now known as jwir3|lunch.
[2:19pm] gavin: RyanVM|Sheriff: is the "PGO builds don't show up on try" bug filed?
[2:20pm] gavin: (I assume it is not covered by bug 691673)
[2:20pm] firebot: Bug nor, P3, ---, nobody, NEW, give trychooser the option of triggering (or not) a PGO build for platforms that support PGO
[2:20pm] RyanVM|Sheriff: gavin: they show up, they just don't show as "pgo" in the results
[2:20pm] RyanVM|Sheriff: so the only way to confirm that the builds were pgo is from the log
[2:20pm] RyanVM|Sheriff: presumably a fix for that would be included with proper Try support for pgo