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The purpose of this document is to highlight the key projects that the Graphics Team will focus on in Q2 2020.

Objective: Continue WebRender roll out (throughout 2020)

A major goal for the team throughout 2020 is to ship WebRender to as many users as we can.

Ship WebRender throughout Q2 to specific targets for both Desktop and Android

Our detailed plans for WebRender can be found here


Check out to see where we have enabled WebRender

Current Status

Goal Progress Blockers/risks
Ship WebRender to specific targets per release in Q2 Targets have been selected, can be viewed here
  • Potential bugs in release could slow us down/cause us to alter plan
Determine critical path for shipping WebRender on older Intel Focused on wr-perf-p1 tasks to help with this
  • Might be additional tasks yet to prioritize
Software WebRender SWGL is in tree, April milestones detailed here
  • Patch has landed that should fix common test failures
  • Next up: look at issue where we are crashing when running tests

A more detailed breakdown of our plans can be found on the WebRender Q2 planning page.

Webrender on Android

Webrender is currently enabled for:

  • Adreno 5xx/6xx series on Fenix Nightly.
  • Pixel 2/3 series enabled in the Fenix release line.

Current Status

Goal Progress Blockers/risks
Enable WebRender in Fenix Release In Progress
  • Working on getting Adreno 5xx/6xx enabled in release.
Get tests running In Progress
  • Most important mochitests are now running either on device or emulator.
Enable webrender for Mali G7 in nightly Not Started
  • We have been focused on the work listed above

Objective: Complete Graphics work important to overall Platform and Firefox goals

Desktop Zooming

  • Burn down bugs blocking Desktop Zooming from riding the trains and select potential target shipping dates
Goal Progress Blockers/Risks
Enable in Nightly: Windows/Linux Touchscreen In progress
  • Increased users dogfooding the feature in nightly, working on fixing test failures and some outstanding nightly blocking features.
Enable in Nightly: Mac touchpad Paused
  • Google maps issues fixed, prioritizing touchscreens so pausing this for now
Enable in Nightly: Windows touchpad In Progress
  • Direct Manipulation - Compositor issues resolved.


  • Fix any important bugs identified during the Fission dogfooding milestone

Current Status

  • Awaiting dogfooding to begin so we can determine key bugs blocking this


  • Investigate OffscreenCanvas scope & potential milestones

Current Status

  • Not Started


  • Standup the CTS and run at least one (if not a few) tests
Goals Progress Risks/blockers
Land the presentation code (at least software) In Progress
  • Should land after current softfreeze
Work on the shaders: ability to make sense of new language and translate to SPIR-V In Progress
  • Discussions underway with working group
Implement error handling Not started