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WebRender Q2 2020

The purpose of this document is to highlight our priorities for WebRender in Q2 of 2020

Where have we shipped WebRender?

For a list of the various places we have shipped WebRender, see:

Core Priorities

Shipping WebRender

We want to keep shipping WebRender to as many targets as possible each quarter.

Q2 will be the quarter where we start shipping WebRender on more Intel laptops (Win10). This is a critical next phase of the project as this represents a significant portion of the desktop population.

It is important to note: we expect to encounter fallout bugs in release once we start shipping to more Intel. So our plan for Q2 includes holding off shipping to new platforms for at least one target while we focus on bug fixing. If that turns out to not be necessary, we will adjust plans as necessary.

Windows10 will also remain as our priority platform for the quarter, and we will start assessing additional platforms pending our overall progress.

Below is a list of releases in Q2 and what we are aiming to ship per release:

75 (April 7)

  • Desktop
    • Direct Composition (needed to unblock more Intel laptops)
      • Specifically to Win10 and newer Intel Graphics cards

76 (May 5)

77 (June 2)

78 (June 30)

  • Desktop
    • Laptops and Desktop with medium and large screens and modern Intel GPUs
  • Android
    • Further targets TBD based on overall Android planning

As part of this effort, we will need to monitor and fix any critical correctness or perf bugs that appear that could potentially block shipping those targets or could impact users in release.

Unblock more Intel

The oldest version on Intel cards that we expect to be able to support with WebRender is Gen 4.5 Anything older than that will get Software WebRender.

We expect the work that we did in Q1 to enable us to ship WebRender to Gen 8 and Gen 9 Intel cards. In Q2, we will prioritize work that will help us ship from Gen 7.5-6

We will track that work under our wr-perf-p1 Metabug: wr-perf-p1

Software WebRender

Goals for Q2 for Software WebRender

April Milestone

Details of our April Milestone can be found here

May Milestone

High level goals: Set up infrastructure we need to get good perf measurements

Details can be found here

WR Perf

We are also performing regular triage of perf-specific bugs, those are visible:

Other Platforms

In addition to Windows and Android, we do also want to ship WebRender on Mac and Linux as well. Windows will still be our main focus in Q2, if we have time we will start looking at Mac more closely.


We are currently using GitHub's project feature to track our high-level roadmaps