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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am Lightning talks

Graphics: SkiaGL Canvas (snorp)

Graphics:WebGL (Vlad)

Layout/Media: Implementing WebVTT CSS features (rillian/dbaron)

10am Free

Graphics: SkiaGL Content (Jeff M.)
Layout: Intro to Style System (dbaron)

Graphics: WebGL (Vlad)
Media: libCubeb/Audio Latency (Kinetik)

Platform:Cycle Collection 101 (khuey)

Graphics: Timing Attacks (bjacob)
Layout:Layout Documentation - Conf Room B (jwir3)

Media: ???

11am Free

Graphics: Async Canvas (Vlad, snorp)
Layout: Intro to Dynamic Changes in Layout (dbaron)

Graphics: WebGL (Vlad)
Media: Web Audio (padenot)

Layout: CSS Masking
Media: Fixing MediaStreamGraph video propagation (roc)

Graphics: Imagelib (joe)
Other: WebGL (Vlad)
Layout: ???
Media: ???

Noon Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch

Graphics: OMT-Compositing (Nical - "D")
Layout: Layout 101 (Elika - "C")

Layout: APZC

Graphics: Moz2D/Player2D (Bas)

Layout:Layout fuzzer status (multicol security bugs, etc.) - Conf Rm. A

Graphics:Intro to Gecko Graphics (mwoodrow)
Layout: ???
Media: ???


Graphics: Layers and buffers (bjacob)

Layout:Web Animations (birtles)
Media: MediaSource Extensions (kinetik)

Graphics: OMT Canvas

Layout: Web Animations contd. (birtles)

Graphics: ???
Layout: Standardization and Mozilla (dbaron/abr) «IETF Slides» large room(?)
Media: ???


Graphics: Gralloc
Layout:CSS Variables / CSS Cascade (heycam, dbaron - "C")

Layout: CSS Graphics

Graphics: OMT Animation
Layout: (see graphics)
Media: Media Decoding (cdouble) OMX Codec (sotaro)

Graphics: B2G/Android Graphics Testing
Layout:CSS Writing Modes - Vertical Text (fantasai)

Graphics: ???
Layout:Layout Performance (jet)
Media: ???


Media: WebVTT/TextTrack (rillian)

The Mozilla Way (roc)

Graphics: CSS Filters
Layout:CSS3 Fonts

Code Reviews - The Mozilla Way (roc)

Work Week Wrap-up (jet)