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Layout Q1 2020 Backlog

All bugs and features we plan to work on in Q1 2020.

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ID Summary Assigned to Status Resolution
1520690 Implement Constructable Stylesheets Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] ASSIGNED
1519519 [css-values] support CSS min() / max() / clamp() functions. Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED
1607534 `text-underline-offset` and `text-decoration-thickness` should accept percentage values Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame) RESOLVED FIXED
1398037 [meta] Ship more of Animation interface RESOLVED FIXED
1542784 Support <img loading="lazy"> lazy-loading Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) RESOLVED FIXED
779598 Consider doing animations of transforms with preserve-3d off the main thread Boris Chiou [:boris] RESOLVED FIXED
1510030 [WebRender] Run background-color animations on the compositor Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) RESOLVED FIXED
1341507 [css-grid] grid-template-rows / grid-template-columns does not recognise multiple values within repeat() notation when used with auto-fill Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] RESOLVED FIXED

8 Total; 1 Open (12.5%); 7 Resolved (87.5%); 0 Verified (0%);