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This page contains links to various Bugzilla queries for Platform Layout and the various components we track. Feel free to use this as a starting point to search for existing bugs related to layout.


  • Entire Layout Backlog: All bugs that have been tagged as backlog candidates.
  • Quality Bugs: Backlog items specifically related to improving product quality (not new features/enhancements)
  • Code Quality Bugs: Backlog items related to improving code quality and reducing tech debt


Other Queries

  • New Layout Bugs: Bugs created for all layout components that were created in the last week.
  • P1 Bugs: Bugs for all layout components with P1 priority.
  • P1 & P2 Bugs: Bugs for all layout components with P1 or P2 priority.
  • Recent Crashes: Crashes reported for all layout components in the last year.